Music Industry.. Harder Than It Seems

Music Industry.. Harder Than It Seems

The music industry is packed with so much talent. Genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Country make up for the majority of mainstream music. Sometimes we see artists come and go….. one hit wonders is the correct term for this. At times it seems like overnight success. What people (including myself) fail to notice is how hard these artists have worked to even get some sort of recognition. To us it may seem effortless, to them it was hard work and dedication for years… perfecting there craft.

I manage a music artist here in Ottawa. I won’t say the name or flood it everywhere here because I do not want this to come off as a marketing ploy and advertising platform. My artist has been working for over 10 years. He has great visuals, branding, filled with charisma and stands out. He is unique, makes creative songs and appeals to a certain market.

It cost my artists a fine amount to get on the front page such as (a hip-hop website with high traffic). We gained a lot of contacts, build relations and networks but it still is not satisfying.

We understand how the music industry work and it truly is about who you know… but ofcourse we can’t take any credit away from talent. To be successful, you need to me a marketing master… online and in the real world. Posters, handouts, street teams giving out mixtapes, fliers for upcoming performances, collaborations… It requires a lot of hard work and effort and I have been apart of this movement to witness it myself. Not everyone wants you to succeed, you have competitors just like any other business…. you also have to work with people you really do not want to. Worse of all is that you have to essentially provide your own funding until you finally get recognition. This is very costly and ofcourse takes away from the artist spending time on there craft (if they were to get your typical 9-5). Music should be the priority as it is ultimately there career path.

It gets more difficult as artist want to remain independant but do not have the budget to continue making music. They end up signing to a major record label and get screwed once they give them an advance (a payment upfront for music expenses) and then take the majority of earnings from the artist.

Luckily, here in Canada we have government grants for music. Canadian governments promote the creation of music by offering loans to artist (to make there music) in which they do not need to pay back. This is a great platform and does greatly increase the chances for success in the music industry.

We also have to look at local performances. Before you engage international projects.. you have to get recognition in your own city. This can be done by intending events such as Bluesfest… an Ottawa music festival which has a lot of big names perform. This gives a chance for building a network as well as local fan base.

Ottawa BluesFest

Not everyone is going to like or appreciate your craft. Music is a very interesting.. language. It speaks to everyone differently. Some people are more open and some have one specific genre that they will understand. Personally, I appreciate all types of music. I can see the talent put in with all genres.. whether it is the digital instruments tweaked to perfection to create a relaxing melody… or a pop singer creating a song that relates to relationships.

How many have you been actively involved in the music industry or have ever been involved?

I wonder…

One thought on “Music Industry.. Harder Than It Seems

  1. On the contrary, I think you should share this local talent that you are managing! I don’t think it would sound like a self-interested plug but would be a great way to participate with the Ottawa community. I’m always looking for new music to listen to – and if it’s live in my town even better! I’m sure many of us reside here. You’ve peaked my interest – I hope I can convince you to please share!

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