Job Hunting After Graduation

Job Hunting After Graduation

So everyone is always saying “go to school, get an education, you want a good job don’t you?” Well it’s not always sunshine and roses after graduation. Lets rewind this a little bit.


When I was 25 I was working a minimum wage job, and my boss (and the owner) didn’t know how to run her business. I updated her on multiple practices that she was not following, and even then I didn’t know everything because I wasn’t a business owner. But working there had already changed me in so many ways; so I decided why not one more change? I had decided I was going to go back to school. Dun dun dun… Now I didn’t get the initial response I had anticipated from my Mom. It was an “are you sure? That’s a lot of money if you don’t continue and graduate? Do you even know what you want to do?” I understood why the 21 questions though. I hadn’t really been reliable or followed anything through up to that point in my life. Things are gradually started to change, but nothing substantial enough to trust I was going to do this. So that gave me more determination than ever. I applied for the Business Administration program at Algonquin College and was accepted within the month. I was going back to school and I was terrified. Everyone kept saying that at least I will have a diploma now though and an education. That it’s what I needed to move up in life: schooling.

That was in April. So in August I quit my job, moved into the city with a friend and started college. I was determined at that time I would be going into Human Resources so I could learn all the little laws that people didn’t know about, but the boss (and owner) should have. I was going to learn how to do all that and own my own spa. That was the grand plan by the end of the three years. Well by the time I got to that point, I realized I had no desire to be in HR. Operations and project management was what I wanted to do. That also didn’t last long. I had fallen in love with Marketing. So I started that in January 2014 and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and a few courses here and there of Human Resources and Operations Management. I immediately started working after my last exam. But it wasn’t in my field. I became an Event Coordinator for a couple months, then worked retail, then worked a series of other jobs, but only because I couldn’t find anything in the area I had just graduated in. Everybody is always saying that having an education is going to make you more desirable to industry professionals, but what they don’t say is that people are hiring for an entry-level position with 3 years of experience. I don’t even understand how that’s possible. Isn’t entry-level self-explanatory? Doesn’t it mean that you can have little to no experience? So I’ve now been graduated for a year and had two- 3 month social media contracts…so obviously that means I decided to do some more schooling. So I have recently started an online Social Media Certificate and am just finishing my first level of Spanish, and still no job in my desired field. I have now started to pay back the student loans that accumulated over the years and it sucks. I’m kind of at a loss as to what I’m doing wrong at this point. I’m constantly applying to positions that I know I am qualified for with no reply.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a component to this job-hunting thing that I’m missing?




One thought on “Job Hunting After Graduation

  1. First off, congratulations for going back to school and while it might not seem like it now, having a diploma will help you in the long run. As for finding a job, and I am sure you know this already, but make sure that there are no mistakes in either your resume or covering letter. When all you have is a piece of paper to judge someone by, even small errors can be detrimental. I once rejected an applicant because they misspelled volleyball.

    If you have a network use it. If you don’t, find one. There are many online in Ottawa through Facebook. Be persistent (but polite), if someone has told you that they will keep your resume on file, call them back in a month or two and remind them that you are still interested in their company.

    Good luck.

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