Entertainment or Violent

Entertainment or Violent

By now… we all have heard of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). You know, two highly trained male athletes(now females) stepping into an octagon and fighting for there life. A lot of blood, sweat and tears that are displayed in the cage.

So when I watch MMA, most notably fights hosted by the UFC… you will notice a few things. Each fighter has there own style of fighting… whether its wrestling, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu etc.. These two fights will fight in there until one gets knocked out cold, reaches submission.. but if none of this happens it ends up getting judged based on points on take downs, strikes landed, and the aggressor. Basically the same way boxing is judged.

MMA fans are very passionate about the sport…Las Vegas packs crowds and sells out arenas whenever a big event is on. In Canada, specifically in Ontario.. there was a law around the violent sport that surrounds MMA. They wanted the fighters to have safety measures such as thicker gloves to reduce pressure from the punches.. as well as head-guards. When I watch a UFC match, the fun in it is the punches are much more close to a fist since the weight of the gloves are so light. I remember a time where there was amateur matches locally and we had to intend them in Gatineau-Hull.. in Quebec because at the times it was banned in Ontario.

Now what we have is a new trend. Taking a page from fake wrestling… there is now an international MMA league which puts together a team of 5 guys against another team of 5 guys. Watch this video over here for reference.

It is absolutely crazy but very entertaining and sometimes humorous. I can only imagine this to be even more bloodier and can result in very dangerous matters, especially when these are all trained fighters. People thought UFC was a street brawl.. this took it even further. It can end up being 3 against 1… 4 against 2.. and so forth. I do not see this becoming a recognized sport in the future… especially in North America where they had problems with 1 vs 1 MMA.

When UFC first started off… it was known as the “bare knuckle sport”. Fighters would literally fight like it is with no rules… just bare fists. You could even stomp the guy while hes on the floor (something which is banned now because of the chances of injuries).

This leads me to ask… what would people do for money? What would people do for entertainment? Should there be restrictions on leagues such as the 5 vs. 5 MMA matches. It seems these forms of entertainment are pushing it to the limit and can sacrifice serious injuries, but at the same time they are extremely entertaining.

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