COM0014 Blog #3 – Target Audiences

I just recently completed the book ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes and given its popularity with the film about to be released, I thought it would be interesting to research and understand the target audience for the book.

I think most people correctly assume that women are the main demographic for romance novels, but men still enjoy them as well. I’m not sure if this book is a true definition of a romance novel, but it is certainly a love story.

Determining other demographics can be more difficult as anyone of any age can enjoy reading, although it is probably safe to assume that children aren’t reading these types of novels. Traditionally, those who have a higher education and who don’t have little kids that take up a lot of their time, are the ones that read the most. However, I believe in the case of a popular culture book, your target audience is much larger because everyone wants to read the book that society is talking about and before the movie comes out.

I think the one downfall for creating a communications strategy for romance novels in that the campaigns traditionally cater to the stereotypical romance novel reader, the single, 20-30 something woman. I would make sure in my campaign that I would focus on adult women, targeting blogs and social media that women would frequent.  I want to make sure that I don’t alienate my audience by being too specific or stereotypical, but still want make sure I utilize all the social media channels that my audience would interact in.

The Harry Potter series is a great example of a successful communication strategy campaign.



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