COM0011 – To Pay or Not to Pay?

You are ready!

Ready to take a leap of faith! Ready to listen to the advice of your friends, co-workers, and your Dad.

You are ready to start (drum roll please) online dating.

You have committed to the idea, there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

BUT, ok there is a ‘but’ involved. You are not sure whether you should pay for an online dating service, or take advantage of the many free online/phone apps available to the single-ites of the internet world.

You ask yourself –

  • What is the difference?
  • Does it make me look desperate if I pay?
  • Is it worth it?

Because you are all dying to find out, I guess I will take one for the team and be the guinea pig. This is entirely a selfless act. 

So what am I working with here –


Tinder .png

On September 12, 2012 the online dating world was forever changed. A phone app.Tinder made its grand debut. Unlike the pre-existing dating sites, Tinder spiced things up and completely changed the game. Tinder is to Online Dating, what Beyonce is to Girl Bands (Beyonce is Queen). 



This app. is the women empowerer. It is much like tinder in that there has to be a mutual match in order for the communication barrier to be lifted; however, only the woman can initiate contact. To add to the fun she has a 24hr window of opportunity. After the window closes the match is gone FOREVER! That is heartbreaking just as much as this app. is empowering. 


This is an online dating site (includes a free app. add-on). You have to pay to get a membership. The fact that I have to pay irks me. When in Rome.

 Plenty of Fish:


The first Pop girl band sensation. Tried, tested, and true. This free online dating site is still kicking, and it is free. I will see how it compares.

The above mentioned are all contending for my heart, and my raving review. Within the next couple of days I will set up several accounts, and share my overall first impressions.



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