Blog Post #7-Reflections



I think in order for content to have staying power it must have a hook, there must be a reason for people to remember that they have read. The best way to do this is through a compelling narrative that leaves readers wanting to read more.


It is not enough to merely convey information. The information must be structured to tell a story. One-way of doing this is to set up the problem you wish solve, then propose a possible solution. The goal is to create content that readers want to engage with.


Another key component is to develop content with a personality. If content is fake or overly technical you will lose the reader’s interest. Readers want to relate with what they are reading.


Before you even begin writing however, it is important to know your audience and do your research. As we saw with the Motrin case study, rushing to produce content without doing your research can produce needless damage to your brand. It is tempting to produce content as fast as possible to feed the quick pace of social media but both corporate and personal brands can be damaged by rushed poorly researched content.

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