I Have This Friend …

Yes.  I really do “have that friend”.  I know.  I know.  It sounds like one of those stories where I am about to weave a crazy embarrassing tale about my imaginary friend while I am actually revealing my own conundrum.  Nope, that’s not the case.  Honestly, I really do have “that” friend.   I couldn’t make up some of our stories if I wanted to.  My BFF really is THAT person.


In a recent article on Today.com;“Why it’s so hard to make midlife friends — and 5 tips on how to change that”  Gabrielle Frank discusses different ways to make new friends in our 40’s and 50’s and the difficulties that some women have.   Thankfully, I am one of the lucky ones.  I love making new friends … but I don’t worry about it.

I have this friend …

On the Celebration of Friendships website, there’s a section called Shasta’s Friendship Blog.  The blog is a collection of stories about friendships.  It’s bang on!  She nails it! http://www.girlfriendcircles.com/blog/

CircleLogoFriendship copy_1_1

One of the guest blogs on that site is Danielle LaPorte.s An Ode to Girlfriends.  OMG, it is one of the funniest and most touching glimpses at girlfriends that I have ever read.  It is my very favourite. I encourage you to check it out.  I shared it with my friend.

I have this friend …

There was this one time … funny but all of our stories start like that … there was this one time … anyways …

There was this one time when we planned a celebration for my friend’s birthday. A pub crawl sounded like fun. We were going to walk to 10 bars on the same strip that evening. It was an ambitious undertaking and required an early start of course. Well, we made it to 2 bars that night. Barely a hop … never mind a crawl. The next morning when my friend stated quite definitively that her biggest regret the previous night was singing a Carpenters song during Karaoke; I just shook my head and told her that she wasn’t even close to listing her biggest regret. As the flashbacks came to her throughout the next day, apparently I was correct. We still laugh about that night.

Another bar crawl, another night, another occasion. Somehow I ended up in a snow bank that time. My friend did what all good friends do. Laughed at me and took pictures. I think we are done with bar crawls for a bit.

Recently, there was this time that we took a 7-day road trip with our ladies hockey team. Of course we were room-mates, its just easier to bunk with your sister friend. I do believe we slept for a grand total of 15-minutes over those 7 days. The social itinerary was very full … and when we weren’t planning team activities, we most certainly were participating in them.  Just as an aside, our team really did actually play hockey during this adventure as well. But, no matter where our paths took us over those many days and nights, we always made time for 4am chats recapping, advising and laughing at the day’s events.

There was this other time … we got into an argument. Now we laugh about that too!

We’ve helped each other through some rough times.  Sometimes life deals you bad cards.  We lean on each other.  We’ve cried and yelled.  We’ve talked and we’ve listened.  We are both stronger, healthier and happier people as a result.  Each of us ready for the next challenge and both of us proud of the ones we’ve conquered.  We’ve witnessed the best and worst in each other. No matter. She’s gets me and I get her.


This picture is extra funny because my friend hates peanut butter.   Haha.

popcorn and pop

That’s better.

Popcorn is my favourite food in the whole wide world.  Guess what?  My friend loves it too.

Yep.  I’ve got this friend.  She’s got stamina. She’s strong willed.  Both traits I wish I had a little more of. She’s fun.  Crazy.  Spontaneous.  I can’t even begin to tell you some of the Lucy and Ethel situations we’ve been in.

Everyone needs “that friend”.  I wish it for you.  A sister or brother friend that gets you!  Mingle.  Socialize.  Friendships are the peanut butter to their jelly or better yet … the popcorn for their movie …

Do you have that friend?  I’d love to hear about them.

3 thoughts on “I Have This Friend …

  1. I have a friend too! He’s a boy though! He’s been my friend since we were twelve…so…ummmm…..a few decades. He married my husband and I this summer. My husband is his real brother. So my friend became my son’s uncle for real this time! After the ceremony everyone was talking about how great it was that I had a friend like that and they wished he was their best friend. I’m so lucky, how many friend’s hook you up with the love of your life, who happens to be their brother???? Everyone needs a friend!
    I loved this blog post. I think it is my favourite! Because, I have this friend…..

  2. I have this friend….who at this point is now like a sister. We have been through so much together in the 15 years or so of friendship that we have lots of “remember that time when…” memories. There have been more tears and laughs then I can even count anymore, and I’m so glad to have her in my life. I think we have said to each other more than once that if someone were to hear some of our conversations they would lock us up, but what fun would life be without those moments?

  3. Unfortunately I have to say, “I had this friend…”. She was my best friend for 30 years and I miss her every day. My advice is not to take those precious moments for granted. They end too soon. I still have the memories, and that is what I treasure today. Luckily, I have other friends that I like and enjoy, and have sisters close in age so still feel blessed.

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