Small Moments in Life & Imagination

“I could see him through the window. He would stare back without any discomfort. I’m not sure when it started. One day, as I looked through the glass, he was there, looking back at me from the darkness of the night.

Most of the time I didn’t think about who he could be or if he was dangerous. I would get on with my day, and when I passed in front of the window, I would stretch my neck up and look to see what was hidden beyond. And there was this living being, immobile save for his eyes following my every move.

I thought that maybe it was the time of the day, like he was on his morning walk to work. Did he even work? However, whatever other time I chose to look, whatever day I decided to peek through the curtains, there he was.

I would lie to say he wasn’t handsome, that I didn’t feel a certain attraction towards him. Maybe it was all those shared moments together, but I felt like we were kindred spirits. I know someone could think I was falling for the enemy. However, he never hurt me. I wish he would talk to me or show me any inclination towards wanting to be friends. I’m always looking for friends. Especially for wrestling. Because it seems I’m the only one with that interest in the family.

I often get chided for being too loud, too excited, too forceful in my playing. It would be nice to finally meet someone who didn’t think that.

Sometimes I reach out to him, spreading my fingers against the glass. He always seems to be just beyond my grasp though.

Days pass, weeks, months, and I start to miss his presence. I keep believing that one day we will meet. I have this naïve belief that we truly are friends somehow, and one day he will come out from behind the window pane and we will play together…”

Me: “… til the end of time.”

Friend: “So, you seriously think this is what goes through your cat’s head when he stares at his reflection through the oven window?”

Me: “Well, maybe that’s pushing it. But one has the freedom to imagine he does.”

Friend: “It’s a cat.”

Me: “A magical cat, with magical powers… With enough imagination, everything is possible!”


Do you ever have these moments? Like when I kept seeing my cat stare at his reflection in the oven window and I wondered about what he was thinking. It led me to imagine stories. All these random plots were forming around what was passing through my furry companion’s head while he looked into the oven door glass.

It can happen at any moment of the day. Sometimes it’s when I am day dreaming at my desk, or zoning out at work. Sometimes it’s seeing a bunny cut across the road as I’m cycling home. Something catches my attention and next thing you know my imagination takes over.


“A man meets twelve great spiritual leaders”

I think imagination is a great tool for Social Media. It comes hand in hand with curiosity. It makes us think outside the box, although at times it can get way out of hand!

I’m not sure yet how my day dreaming complete life stories after having stared at ants crossing the road will help me on my journey to social media marketing. However, I know I have enough imagination to think up something!

How about you? Do you consider yourself a creative/curious person? Do you enjoy the small moments in life and let your imagination roam free from time to time? Or are you actually trying to reconnect with that part of you to help with content creation?



3 thoughts on “Small Moments in Life & Imagination

  1. What a great read. You drew me in with the title and kept me with your well written story telling.

    I often have the same philosophical thoughts about random things. The older I get the more reflective I seem to become. Maybe I just have more time on my hands, but certainly I prefer to think that I am more wise with age.

    Your reflective piece was fun. I’ll never figure out cats and their crazy thoughts … and I’m pretty sure my family and friends feel the same way about me.

    I like to think I’m creative. I’m most definitely curious … some may call it “nosey”? Whatever, it’s all the same. I’m also a very firm believer that it’s the small moments in life that make it special, exceptional even.

  2. Hi there
    I really enjoyed reading this, you drew me in right from the beginning and kept me engaged through the post. Including a personal anecdote kept it light while also stirring thoughts.
    I think most people enjoy daydreaming and using their imagination, even if they don’t admit to it. Perhaps they think it’s childish and don’t want to admit letting their mind wander. I also make up stories about my cat, so to read your story showed me that we all have more in common than we may realize.

    Your writing style was easy to read and had a light tone than made it seem very conversational.

    Great piece

  3. Your reflective blog spoke volumes to me, along with Adelenanne’s comment.

    My son’s Bullmastiff, Zeppelin, stayed with us recently for 6 weeks. We dog sat him.

    Your blog reflects my curiosity about Zeppelin, he had this way of looking a me or my wife and rolling his eyes from side to side and snorting when he knew you were talking about him.

    I work out of my home studio, while working at the computer, from time to time, Zeppelin had this 6th sense of knowing when it was time to take a break. He would come up beside me next to my arm … I would glance at him and his eyes would roll … and if did not react he would move his nose up against my hand as if to say “Hey you time to take a break”

    Sad to say, Zeppelin, is back with my son, his demeanour, became toxic in a very touching and personal way. I miss him especially when he would to me and look for attention, how I wish I could understand what goes in his head …. well maybe not, especially when he was licking his … OKAY STOP.

    Truly, it is the small moments in life that make it special … remember it is important to stop and smell the roses … and Zeppelin had a way of making me do that.

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