COM0014 Blog #2 – Finding Me

IS IT MY TURN YET?  Time for me? I’ve been exhausted for 9 years and counting. My life has been non stop go, go, go with my 2 little boys, Luka 8 and Maxime 6. From the moment I wake up until my head hits the pillow, I lose myself in them. I thought being a mom would be easy. I would love my children and that would be that. Boy was I wrong. I have cried, hovered, laughed, yelled, worried and been the best mom I could be.

Quotation-Tina-Fey-mom-happy-Meetville-Quotes-271152-300x205These tiny people come into our lives, make us fall absolutely crazy in love with them and then take over. From building Lego everyday to going to cartoon movies which I try hard not to fall asleep watching, I  become putty in those small little hands.
When will I get some me time? Why is it that so many of us parents have a difficult time holding on to our life passions once we have kids? I use to love to run and now I make every excuse not to go. I am just too tired. When the kids go to bed, I want me time. Nobody calling for me, no running around, just quiet, relaxing me time.

sleeping-mom1-300x300Am I the only one that sometimes feels overwhelmed being a mom? My physician recently has recommended Yoga for me, but I am a little scared. I’ve never gone to a class before and feel out of shape and so out of the loop. Is there any of classes or type of relaxation techniques you’ve done that have helped you with the stresses of everyday life and being a mom? Would love to hear how you got your grove back after kids.



2 thoughts on “COM0014 Blog #2 – Finding Me

  1. Oh, can I relate! My 3 daughters are now teenagers (good ones, thank god), and I am still struggling to get back to “me”. As a mom, your kids will always come first. You CAN slowly get your groove back though. Anything exercise-related is terrific as it will make you feel better, but really, anything at all that you are passionate about and that sings to you. Hang up your mom hat for a little chunk of time here, a little chunk of time there … you’ll soon remember who you once were, and who you are once again becoming.

  2. I can’t relate personally to being a mom. However, I have worked many times with single moms. I used to do home organizing and just be an extra pair of hands for the few moms I worked for. I didn’t charge much because I didn’t need much; I mostly did it to help out. I reorganized a whole household, I did laundry, babysat kids, cooked supper, played with the toddlers, gardened, planned birthday parties, stayed up late to have a cup of tea with the mom, and did pretty much whatever they needed help with. I remember this one woman who would ask me to come babysit each week so she could go to a gymnastics class. Every week, it was the same: I would arrive and find her trying to make up any and all kinds of excuses not to go. Mostly, she was always tired. However, we were always able to get her out the door in time and she came back so happy for having been out of the house for a while and for having “me” time. So, I would deeply recommend going to a yoga class. I used yoga to manage my anxiety when I was in college. And what is great about a class is that you step out of the house for a while and only have yourself to think about. Even if it’s only once a week. That little “me” time makes a whole lot of difference in your week. You’re awesome for being a mom! And you’re also awesome for thinking about your well-being! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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