My first glob, I mean blog – using social media for travel writing

Although there are thousands of blogs written about how to promote travel articles through social media, How to Share Travel Articles Efficiently and Effectively Using Social Media is one of the good ones and gave me a basic understanding of what is out there and how to best implement it.  Social media is perfect for sharing your travel stories if you know which applications to use.  Matt Gibson believes it to be the online equivalent of “word of mouth”.  Now that is inspirational to me, as I like to talk, and for many social media users “word of mouth” is your best form of advertising.    The down side is sharing articles on social media requires a time investment which needs to be managed.   This article helps with that by outlining some interesting short-cuts and tips on how to make the best use of your limited time.  The first golden rule really impressed me, perhaps because I’m a master of the obvious.  “Write articles so remarkable that people will want to share them with friends and networks.”  Daaah…  Even more remarkable is that this strategy is least used by social marketers.  Useful and inspiring are important in making a great travel article.  Brevity is also key. (That one I’ll have to work on, as I said I’m a talker).

Once I get the brevity covered, the next big thing is to make sure that people are going to read my article right now.  Focus should be put on a captivating headline that gets the attention in the “sea of information” out there.  Brian Clark of Copyblogger says that strong headlines is an art form that offers the reader something useful, creates a sense of urgency, portrays the idea in the article as unique and is super-specific.  Mark suggests getting acquainted with the features on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others like Pinterest and keep the posts coming.  Another great tool for organizing your posts are dashboards (media management applications) such as Tweetdeck, and HootSuite.

All of this information may be as useful to you as to me not just from a perspective of travel writing but for social media use in general.  I look forward to making use of these suggestions.



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