COM0014 – Blog #2 – Keep It Simple

Your writing needs to be simple, clear, and concise, when storytelling and communicating in the digital world. Overloading a reader (and potentially a customer) with too many ideas, headings, words, and paragraphs, could possibly lose their interest. The key is to capture their attention in an overwhelming sea of other digital messages, through easy to read, and interesting copy.

To do this, first identify precisely what the message is that you want to convey. From here use short headlines, short sentences, and get to the point in a compelling but simple way. Remove words or descriptions that do not add value to your content. This allows your reader to glance through your message to determine if they have come to the right place, and if they want to continue to read. Use excellent grammar and pronunciation, and make sure your spelling is accurate. Not doing so, will be detrimental to your credibility.

It is also more interesting for your reader if you consistently use an active voice, instead of a passive voice to communicate your message. This is because active voice writing keeps your sentences clearer, and keeps your sentences from becoming too complicated and wordy. Too much use of passive voice writing can cloud the meaning of your message, and again, you could potentially lose your reader’s attention.

In summary, the key to successful digital writing is to be simple, clear and concise.

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog #2 – Keep It Simple

  1. Stephanie …

    Solid advice in this blog.

    As a visual designer, I am always amazed by how easy, at least to me, writers/bloggers effortlessly put words to screen or as they used to say “pen to paper”.

    However, that said, I have responded to proposals for projects. The reality is, proposals should only be responded to by following a prescribed format. Perhaps, taking a page out how proposals are written, I would be well advised to follow that type of format. However, that might be a bit boring as it were.

    There is saying “keep it simple stupid” … this rings true in writing. Complex flowery text with words that neither add to or enhance the presentation have no place being used. Although, I must say, I would love to write like Rex Murphy, CBC, the National, his week political comment at around 10:40 pm on thursday nights is well worth listening to.

    One final thought … your comment …”make sure your spelling is accurate. Not doing so, will be detrimental to your credibility.” … is so true. Given the technology at our finger tips, how could anyone not ensure their spelling is correct.

    Thank you for your blog this week.

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