COM0014 Blog #2 Grieving Online – Stacey Ingrey

673d02bf4315a8e2729cb0c5d86b89ffMy friend lost her baby. He was born very ill. They did not know he was going to be so sick. For months, she posted pictures of her beautiful, pregnant, happy, smiling self. She is a step mom to two beautiful children. She is a great mother. Her baby died quickly. She mourns publicly and I can’t thank her enough.

It’s so sad really. In the “olden” days (like yesterday), this would be a private matter but it isn’t. I first heard of the news when her husband tagged her in a post of them and their son on the day he died. I cried and cried even though I haven’t seen her in years. For days, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Since that day, she has openly posted her feelings. Moments of happiness, torture, pictures of her beautiful son, her step children, her husband and her reality. She decided to start a blog. I read all of her posts. The most heartbreaking was this weekend when she posted a picture of herself crying, saying she would be laughing in two minutes and she was okay.

In a world where storytelling needs an audience, requires deep thought into each sentence and the ability to sell your story, I couldn’t help (while reading the course content) but think that a really good captivating story, is one that is organic. One that is real, honest and isn’t searching for anything other than self healing of some sort.

My friend lost her baby and I follow all of her blogs. I am not the only one. I follow, not because she is trying to be witty or smart, or “sell” her story. I follow them because she is real and I love that. Maybe if writers were a little more like my friend, our blogs would reach the audience that needs us, just like her blog and posts have helped me and many others.

I think of her everyday and I’m glad I do. I cherish every second with my son even more because for some reason, I am lucky. I think of the child I lost even more and know it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to mourn and it’s okay to love a person that isn’t here today because for some reason, I was unlucky. All thanks to my friend, I haven’t seen in years, who, everyday, tells her story honestly. Gimmick free.

If you know someone that is grieving or are grieving yourself, here is a link to a support group.

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