COM0011 – Blog 5 – Escape to Cancun & Tulum

Beautiful sugar-white beaches? Check. Lots of calm and serene spots? Check. Plenty of recreational options and water activities? Good food? Check. History? Sure. Nightlife? Of course. Sounds like the perfect travel destination…and Cancun really has it all.

The most beautiful beaches in Mexico with transparent turquoise waters and palm trees you will find in the Cancun–Tulum corridor. All those cool beach clubs that range from casual, bohemian alcoves to chic upscale lounges, you will be lost to choose from. The area is known as the destination with the best infrastructure and hotels in the Caribbean. The Hotel Zone has hundreds of nice restaurants and the authentic Mexican cuisine is very good with something to offer to every traveller. 



What I love most about Cancun, aside from the beaches and the myriad of activities, are the Mayan ruin sites. Chichen Itza is the most spectacular site in the area. It is located inland about 2 1/2 hours by tour bus from Cancun. It is a day trip that you have to do. The ruin site of Tulum is gorgeous, and is coupled with a visit to one of the areas eco parks, either Xcaret or Xel-Ha. Xel-Ha is a beautiful park where you can relax in hammocks, snorkel with tropical fish in the warm, tranquil waters, float lazily on an innertube throughout the natural waterways and channels of the subterranean waterways, and even swim with dolphins.


If you are travelling to Cancun, you cannot miss Isla Mujeres and the Royal Garrafon VIP Tour that takes you to Garrafon Park. The park is located on the south of Isla Mujeres and is the southernmost point of the island and the highest point on the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s also the first place the sun touches the country of Mexico in the morning. The views are absolutely spectacular. Garrafon Park is a place where you go for relaxing and taking pictures of the breathtaking views.

Curiosities about Cancun

*Did you know Cancun’s beach is made of crushed coral? That means if you walk barefoot on the sand, Cancun’s sand won’t burn your feet even on the hottest of days.

*The Riviera Maya’s Cenotes have been rated among the best cave diving of the World.

*Between May and September, you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and swim with the amazing whales and sharks.

* There is an underwater museum that has a total of 500 sculptures with three different galleries submerged between three and six meters deep.

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2 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog 5 – Escape to Cancun & Tulum

  1. I really loved at the end the “Curiosities about Cancun”. I’m a fan of reading quick facts and “did you know?” type info, so this appealed to me.
    Even with the warm weather upon us, these pics leave me wishing I had a vacation coming up 🙂

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