Aging … But Maybe Not Necessarily Gracefully!

As Danielle Steel so eloquently said, “I’m not an aging gracefully type. But I do believe in aging with grace”.   Okay.  Okay.  Maybe “grace” is an overstatement.  I’m aging, that’s a fact.  I’m not very graceful, sadly, also a fact.  Is acceptance the equivalent to grace?   So much has been written about mankind (and woman-kind) as we age.










As the old cliché goes … only two things in life are certain … death and taxes.  Well, isn’t that just dandy?  Surely, I wouldn’t have asked Julie Andrews to sing about either death or taxes as my favourite things.  But, as it is with everything in our lives, we have choices.  I choose to quietly accept the fact that I must pay my taxes.  However, on the other end of the spectrum, I choose to wrestle with aging as best I can.  It’s not graceful … and it’s certainly not always pretty … but it makes me happy and keeps me active.  I win some battles and I lose some battles, but I always relish the challenge.

I enjoyed reading Terry Carr’s Blog Dear Self:  Do Not Fear Aging

The fear of aging is real.  How will others see us?  “It is a privilege to get old.”   She’s right.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans website promotes a blog entitled Promoting Physical Activity to Older Adults

While I enjoyed this read and shared the views of the author, please let me get something off my shoulders … just for the record; I am not yet officially a “senior” yet.  While I’ve endured my 50th birthday, I have not yet embraced the “senior” title.  Whew.   Just sayin’.







After raising my children, I now have time for myself and enjoy getting out and being physically active and social, the proverbial win-win.  It’s time to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk.  I am very proud to say that I’ve done just that.

I am now a female hockey player (that may be using the term “player” rather loosely) and having the time of my life!  The Women’s Hockey League in my hometown has over 300 women between the ages of 21 and 70+ playing the great Canadian game!  I’ve made best friends and stay active during the winter skating hard and having fun.  I started playing in my 40’s and still look forward to playing in my 50’s.  Games are fun, the dressing room chatter is classic and the post-game beverages are refreshing.                      

This past April, I was lucky enough to be part of a team that travelled to Windsor to be part of the CARHA World Cup of Hockey.  A fantastic 7 days, with awesome teammates in their 3o’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  A week that I will never forget.

The pictures speak for themselves.  It really was as much fun as it looks!

Canadian Beavers 1

Canadian Beavers

I play golf in a Tuesday night ladies league during the summer and enjoy mixed slo-pitch during the warmer months as well.  I’m not the best at either sport but the activity and the laughs are just what I came for.

So let’s all get out there.  We are all aging; some more slowly or quickly than others.  Embrace aging and all the opportunities it presents.  Get active.  Get social.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.  It doesn’t have to be “graceful”.  Find your inner child and reignite your competitiveness.  You may not be the best at the activities you enjoy but trust me; the good far outweighs anything else.  Make the happy aging choice … you’ve earned it.

5 thoughts on “Aging … But Maybe Not Necessarily Gracefully!

  1. Great post.

    Totally agree with your post. We are all aging, “resistance is futile, you will be assimilated ” the Borg, Star Trek the Next generation.

    I joined old timers soccer years ago in my 50’s, I now play Masters Soccer at 63, this keeps me young, while the camaraderie and beer after games is another draw. As you stated “… i am not the best …” same here i am there for the fun and spirit of the sport.

  2. It is great that we have the opportunity to age gracefully these days. So many opportunities! After reading the book, “Younger Next Year”, I was impressed with what we can do as we get older rather than what we can’t. Most days, I consider myself aging gracefully – taking this course is evidence of that. Got to get with the program. Keep up the good work, love that you started hockey at 40.

  3. Your blog title roped me in! I’ve been having my own thoughts on aging as i am approaching 50 in a couple years and I was intrigued reading your post. It looks like aging is on your mind and are proud to share that you are proud as to where you are in life and having fun celebrating it. My own heredity tells me that i will be around until I’m in my 90s; i have a lot of fun telling people that I may start to look wrinkly and my right hip hurts sometimes, but i can still do a front handspring (I try that every birthday just to say i can do it). Here’s a cheer to having an awesome attitude!

  4. Attitude is everything.

    Aging is on my mind. At 63 soon to be 64, I know family, friends and friends of family members people my age and younger that have already checked out.

    I have embraced the journey knowing full well that we are here for a finite period. When people ask me “how are you?” … i look at them and say … “still looking down” and smile.

    We come into this world full of “piss and vinegar” not knowing what to do, totally and unequivocally at the mercy of our parents. Our lives are shaped by the very time period and frame of mind our parents live in. That imprint, either helps or impedes us … its what we do in life with what we have that leads to inner peace.

    My goal is to see my two son’s turn 50.

    Mother subscribed to the axiom “Live, Love, Laugh” and so have I.


  5. Hi there: I loved this post. It’s almost taboo to talk about aging in a positive way. It’s even rarer to have someone openly admit they hate it, yet have chosen to accept it and deal with it in their own way. I think it’s cool the way you have joined all these teams and leagues and are embracing your ‘inner child’ as you say full throttle. You seem to be having the best times with your new friends and team mates all the while remaining active and sharpening your talent and skills in each of these areas. So many woman don’t prioritise themselves or think that they have endless amounts of time. Problem is…time always finds a way of catching up with us. In By the time some of us get the proverbial knock on the door…its too late. What I mean by that is that they have been inactive so long they experience a lot of pain or difficulty carving out some kind of more active lifestyle for themselves. They are more intimidated by the new skill, sport or game they were initially so gung-ho to to learn or master. Sometimes they get injured because they are so rusty and that causes them to become discouraged and give up. I’m glad you won’t fall into such a category and I pray I don’t either. I do my best to stay active and enjoy all kinds of activities and learning new ways to train. I incorporate not just different gym training techniques or routines or equipment. I also love learning different kids of yoga, dance or doing zumba. I basically seek out opportunities to improve my strength, stability, flexibility or coordination. I like working out with men and women and find you can learn a lot from both. If I could pick up a team sport, it would probably be soccer, but I would also like to inline skate more or run more the way I used to. I also kind of have a secret desire to do gymnastics. I was good when i was much younger and feel that and dance are the best avenues fro unleashing my ‘inner child’. I admit I take other measures to fight aging. I spend a lot of my beauty regimen. I’ve struggled with acne all my life and had to learn to manage that situation carefully because i have scar that scars in a second. I apply the same diligence and research to anti-aging products. I refuse to skimp on quality products or any procedure that works best for me. I haven’t had any surgery, but wouldn’t be adverse to doing anything I feel will give me the results I want. I’m 41 and have no desire to look 21 or 25 or even 28. So all the measures I take are well thought out and allow me to look younger but not by a landslide and that works well for me. I feel that’s a realistic approach to aging. A little of this, a touch of that. Taking care of yourself, eating well and being active. I envy you trying hockey at this stage…I never have played. I don’t think it would work well for me, but you have poked my curiosity vis a vis …golf. My mom enjoys it and I know lots of women who do, too. I, too, may give it a try some day and join a league. Thanks!

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