COM0014 Blog Post #1 What I Did On My Vacation (Sarah Lamoureux)

Family Vacations have always been memories that I treasure. They include my brother, sister and I piling into our family’s 1980’s wood panelled station wagon and taking a road trip to Florida or Prince Edward Island or even driving down the coast of California all the while listening to Duran Duran, George Micheal or Madonna on my Sony Walkman.


1980’s Family Road Trip

These memories stick with me. My parents both so in love with each other and sharing their love for travel together with all of us. It truly was so fortunate to have these special times. Now it comes full cycle as its my turn to make the same sort of memories as a new family with my husband and two young sons.

This year we flew to Orlando, Florida in February, rented a vehicle and planned nothing and I mean nothing. I rented a beautiful house with a pool in a gated community and  wanted to play it by ear. This was by far one of the best and most relaxing vacations ever! It was spontaneous and so much fun. We decided together each evening based on the weather, what we may or may not do the next day. Our days were spent teaching the kids how to play chess, feeding the birds, looking for turtles at the neighbourhood pond and taking small road trips as well as hitting the beach and boardwalk in Clearwater. We all loved it. We watched for Alligators at Gatorland and headed straight for the crowds at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and it was all fantastic. I’ve never seen my son’s so happy. Free from electronics and no commitments to be somewhere on a certain day or having expectations of what we were supposed to do. No stress building up to the date and last-minute family excitement as we planned our daily outings. This is really what building family memories is all about. What do you like to do for family vacations? Is everything always planned? Would love to hear all about yours!

max and luka

Luka & Maxime building Sand Castles at Clearwater Beach





2 thoughts on “COM0014 Blog Post #1 What I Did On My Vacation (Sarah Lamoureux)

  1. We did the same in the 80s! My parents would turn the back of our station wagon into a bed and we would travel through the night ending up in Maine or Florida! I remember these moments as some of the best I have ever had! I think a road trip is in our near future! We have done small ones but nothing as far as Florida!!! I’m glad you had an amazing time! I love your pictures!

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