COM0015 Blog Post #1 Stacey Ingrey My Tools!


Measuring and monitoring your social media account and your online presence is a daunting task when you first start. The only experience I had with this was during our Measuring and Monitoring social media certificate course. We made an Excel spread sheet of key words and tags, then entered them in Google Analytics, transferred them to Yahoo Pipes and then connected them with NetVibes. It seemed overwhelming at first. Many of us aren’t techies so to speak and it meant we had to figure things out as we went. That being said, it was fascinating and I actually felt quite proud when my NetVibes dashboard started to slowly trickle and fill.

I had chosen a small local start up company. It was easy to see what was wrong with their social media presence. They had none. I would see similar companies consistent posts on their products, sales of product in the millions from one company to another but as the weeks passed, still nothing from the start up. It was an immediate view into the importance of building your brand with a social media presence at your fore front. We live in a world where social media is accessible to everyone. You do not need millions of dollars in advertising to give your company an international platform but you do need time and commitment and wether you are willing to put it forth says a lot about your brand. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to speak with some of the folks at the start up and explained what I had measured. I wondered if their product really needed a social media presence, or if it was able to maintain its profile as a startup until it would be bought out by a larger company.

Since then, many of the original employees have left the company and my connection to it has ceased. I came to the conclusion a buy out was probably in their best interests and something they had already planned. Maintaining a Twitter account or FB page didn’t seem to matter.

I did however thoroughly enjoy using NetVibes and was amazed at how you could actually measure traffic so easily (despite a few hiccups). I have not used a measuring or monitoring program since but I am curious as to how Hootsuite works as I have heard many great things about it.


We all know this logo….Facebook!

I do measure the traffic to my Facebook account in a minimal way. I notice how many of my “friends” “like” certain posts. It’s interesting to observe that posts on children or disasters seem to get the most attention. The sharing of celebrity death posts this year was more pertinent than missing children, climate change or Boko Harram kidnapping school girls. All based on “likes”. There is a lot you can tell about a person by the way they post or their reaction to yours. I consider it a form of measurement in itself.



Being in my thirties means most of my friends near and far communicate through Facebook. My younger students prefer Instagram and Snapchat. They are typically light and fun (mostly) and that’s the way it should be when you’re seventeen. I like my Facebook friends and consider them to be intelligent people. I would have to say I get most of my news from them. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter, it never really clicked with me. Maybe because it seems less personal. It’s silly to admit I get most of my news from Facebook but it’s the truth. We watch the news on television but tend to Google for a more in depth backstory. I do like Instagram as a way of staying in touch with my students. They rarely use Facebook so it’s a good way of keeping the lines of communication open and keeping on top of the trends. Snapchat is smart however, and they know their followers are growing up. National Geographic, CNN and the Daily Mail all have active Snapchat accounts. The young will grow and desire to be informed on the platform best suited for them. Especially one they are familiar with. News outlets wanting to stay afloat must reach out to the adults of tomorrow via an app they know best. I think it’s a wicked idea on Snapchat’s behalf!


Do you recognize this logo?


My son having fun with Snapchat!

So fellow classmates, do you use the newer apps like Snapchat as a news source? Do you use your Facebook account as often as I do? And, do you honestly like Twitter??? Let me know in the comments below!



Images courtesy of Netvibes, Facebook and Snapchat



2 thoughts on “COM0015 Blog Post #1 Stacey Ingrey My Tools!

  1. Stacy … I hear you. For years i resisted the pull of social media for my business. What bothered me or more to the point. is how to keep up with managing multiple sites. From the initial reading in this course, it quickly becomes apparent how important it is to be consistent with one’s digital print … or for that matter digital brand. You have provided fruitful information on how to proceed. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comments! I feel the same way. I use social media as a tool to keep in touch with my clients or share interesting articles I think would be beneficial to them, however, I’m unsure about creating a site for my business. It’s something I need to do (one of the reasons I am taking this course) but I want to make sure I can maintain and use it to its potential.

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