Blog #4: Teamwork Out of the Box

One aspect of a successful corporate social media strategy is teamwork.  A friend who I work with on a volunteer board introduced me to Slack, a team messaging platform/social media network.

The platform was recently profiled in the National Post:

One of the things I like most about Slack is that within your main team page you can have individual chats, group and topic channels organized by hashtags.

With android, apple apps and a web based platform, Slack is easy to access on a variety of devices which is important if you are using a computer you may not want or be able to download software on to.

Slack makes it very easy to share files within a team and plays nice with other applications such as Dropbox and Google docs

I can see the potential for organizations to use Slack to share information and plan social media content or share a common spreadsheet tracking social media.  In addition to businesses, Slack may also be a good solution for volunteer organizations trying to plan social media or even just exchange ideas.

Slack can literally make sure everyone is on the same page and allows for realtime exchanges of ideas in a way something like email lacks.

If you are looking for a new way to connect with colleagues or even friends, I encourage you to give Slack a look.


2 thoughts on “Blog #4: Teamwork Out of the Box

  1. I love learning about new apps! Forget email, they are the way of the future! I have never heard of Slack but am so excited to try it out! I love using Google Docs, in fact, I prefer it to Word and most elementary and high schools use it instead of One Drive or Word. So, any app that can use it on their platform, is a go to for me. I also like that Slack users can be using multiple types of hardware. Thanks for your post!

  2. A rather interesting blog.

    What I find difficult is how to synthesize an approproite solution with the vast array of “apps” available at our finger tips via desktop, tablet or mobile device. You have suggested Slack, then there is Facebook with some 1 billion+ users, and I understand there is Google+ that has a number apps that allows collaboration in any number of ways with any number of participants.

    Since beginning this introductory course, I have found it mind bogging on the vast amount of info one has to sift through to decide on which app is the one to use.

    That said, your advice will point me to at least checking out Slack as a potential solution.

    Thank you for the insight.

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