Anonymous to Famous

Anonymous to Famous

In the past couple of years… there has been a recent trend in the entertainment industry. Now, one would never correlate being anonymous to being famous. This has definitely been the case for people in the entertainment industry, most notably in the area of music.

To me, being anonymous is keeping hidden. Being a secret, remaining confidential… the total opposite of famous.

Famous is well.. what we consider celebrities. Famous is being most notable by everyone, popular… recognized.

Music artists use many ways to advertise themselves. They use memes, strategic promotion and sponsors, dramatic things in award shows such as Madonna and Britney Spears deciding to kiss on stage or Justin Timberlake deciding to rip open Janet Jackson’s top at the Superbowl.

There has been a recent trend that has working in favor for artists in the music industry and that is to be anonymous.

Sia is an Australian songwriter and singer. She is known for her incredible voice in songs such as chandelier… but she is not only noted for her voice.. she is known for her hiding her face behind wigs and sunglasses. If you watch every video of her, she has a similar theme in it… she is sometimes featured in her videos and when she is… she is covered. Just like her award show performances… she is also hidden. She remains anonymous and this has worked very well for her. People are always wondering why she does not show her face. Why is she so hidden…. and how does she actually look. People want to know what is not known… it is a fact. It keeps her fresh as an entertainer and it always keeps people on there toes. Now if you browse the internet you can find pictures but they are very rare as in videos she is covered. I assume she wants people to focus on her voice which is because she is in the music industry. I believe Sia would not get the same recognition she has if she did not cover her face.

Another very popular artist who has followed this same trend is The Weeknd. The Weeknd is an R & B singer who has won Grammy’s for his hits. The Weeknd started off his career by launching a YouTube channel filled with only his music. No videos featuring him.. no pictures of himself anywhere. All people did was recognize his voice. He gained a big fan-base just by releasing music… anonymous. People always wondered who is behind that voice. What is his ethnicity… is he fat, skinny, tall, small. The Weeknd was insecure about his look and believed that his look was not meant for the music industry. He thought people would not accept him for who he is because he looked different. He had different hair, and a different style. This in turn had a positive effect as well… it kept people wondering how does he really look and will he ever reveal how he looks. He decided to reveal his look eventually and that is when his records took off. He gained extreme popularity when he finally revealed himself and it worked out to his benefit. People recognized him as a unique artist, and some appreciate his appearance and how different he is. Many people can relate to him as he shared his insecurities and finally got past it. This in turn created even more of a fan-base as this is a common problem. People enjoyed his music because it was different. He would create songs that were very uncommon and were about things most of the music industry are to nervous to create. It is only right that his look matched his talent as it was different as well. I personally enjoy his music and I know many people of different ages, sexes, cultures do as well. It is very interesting to note that I myself am in the music industry and I can appreciate the fact that even people who listen to different genre’s can appreciate his talent.

As we can see here, being anonymous created a positive effect for both Sia and The Weeknd in the entertainment industry. As time goes on, there needs to be different ways of advertising and marketing and what worked before… won’t work now.

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