COM0011 -Social Media for the Less Fortunate

A commentary and reaction to:  “What Does Poverty Look Like on Social Media”   

My interests in Social Services and Social Media are intertwined with many branches, wires and strings.   The lesson to reach out and help others starts at childhood, when we are taught to be good to one another, the core of kindness and empathy.  The roots stretch as we become adults and are politically engaged with the notion of charity and helping the underprivileged.  In my own personal case, the reality of the less fortunate is an every day aspect of my work life.  I am employed by Social Services.  Ontario Works clients,   Community Child Care clients and  Housing clients;  they are all part of everyday life in our offices.  These are difficult times for many families.

Social Media is a young medium driven by younger generations.   Social Media can even be described as a generational tool (another blog for another day!).  When reading the commentary about poverty and social media, I was struck by the section entitled “children drive the families need for social media”.  This statement hit me hard.  The reality hit home.  As parents we do what we can to for our children.  Financial hardship, overridden by pier pressure and blocked by financial barriers creates a conundrum for families as well as Social Service providers.  The expense of the technology required to access social media such as internet connections, laptops, cell phones and tablets can create a gap in a child’s access to social media and all that it offers.

Our Social Services organization is launching a social media campaign.  Communications with clients, employees and the community at large is the reason I am enrolled in this Social Media course.  I will be keeping the children in mind in our social media messages.  We can’t leave the children behind.

One thought on “COM0011 -Social Media for the Less Fortunate

  1. Technology is the future and it is not going anywhere so I agree with the importance of it for the younger generation. I do notice how fast the younger generation pick up on technology such as using iPads… it seems like the younger the generation the quicker they pick it up.

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