COMMOO1 – Blog#1 – Hmmmm, this was more challenging than expected!

So it is currently 10:00 pm, I know what you must be thinking…

‘Damn, this girl likes to live life on the edge’

or, maybe you are thinking

‘How irresponsible. We have know about this project for a week, and she is just sharing her post now?’

To be honest, it has nothing to do with A or B. I have been contemplating, scratching my head, staring at my dog for five days trying to draw some type of inspiration.


A week later I have come up with – Drum roll please – nothing.

Of course, I have ideas, but to be confident enough to share my thoughts and let go of my writing inhibitions with you, complete strangers? What was I thinking signing up for this course?

I took this program with a monetary incentive in mind. Recently I was approached to manage a companies social media campaign. The meeting ended with a firm handshake, solid eye contact, and a promise not to disappoint. SO, here I am…Blogging.

I have a general understanding of what social media is all about, but I want to get down to the nitty-gritty. There are millions of social media sites out there and I want to know how to create a campaign that is not just good, but one that stands out and is great!

To stand out, one must be willing to take a few risks. I suppose I will use myself as the guinea pig. I am not entirely sure what my blog content will entail, but it will be personal and I will force myself to take a step outside of my comfort zone. I want to start taking risks. By taking risks I hope to develop more confidence,  and I want to accrue a better understanding of how to kick some butt in this social media realm.

So to start, I figure I will take a little baby step (It is always good to keep things a little mysterious, no?)

I absolutely love nature and photography.  I have no formal training in photography, nor do I think my photos are spectacular; however, to be able to capture a moment and to have that ONE moment remind you exactly of what it was like to be in that specific place at that specific time leaves me speechless.


#magnetawan #Canada #IloveThisCountry

3 thoughts on “COMMOO1 – Blog#1 – Hmmmm, this was more challenging than expected!

  1. When starting your social media campaign for the client you work for, make sure you get all the facts and figures that they want you to include in the campaign. When you receive all the information needed, then make a mental picture on how you want to present that information and how to engage readers to said campaign. As far as photography goes, there are a plethora or websites that can teach you how to take a great photo for websites, campaigns. Good luck on your social media campaign.

  2. I feel your pain! I’m a pretty confident person face-to-face, but give me a blog to hide behind and I’ve become incredibly insecure about my ideas (more specifically, my grammar and punctuation skills). Your post made me giggle and I related to it a lot!

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