COMM0011 – Blog #1 – I’m not a blogger…yet

I’m an accomplished accountant, spreadsheet guru, technical whiz and lover of all things scientific. Numbers get me excited. Words on the other hand, scare me. Rather, writing words, online, scares me. I nearly failed all high school English classes and swore that I’d never take another course again that required writing. And here I am 25 years after I made that vow, taking a course where I have to write. I’ve subjected myself to some crazy things in my life, but enrolling in this course takes the cake. So why am I doing this? I have to admit, that it’s all about the money.

As I said, I’m an accountant. Numbers, money and the quest for success drive me to a large extent. Three years ago a friend took a look at my photography and suggested that I should sell it and I agreed. And then I realized that I knew nothing about photography, and realized I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I was still very captivated that I could make money, so I enrolled in a photography certificate program and over the course of many years came to the shocking realization that I did have a creative side….and it was beautiful…and it felt wonderful. I developed a niche and decided that my business model would be online-based. Horror then struck when I realized that my LovePlainAndSimplesuccess would not be founded on how good my product was, but rather on my online content which included blogging. I dug in my heels and was determined that I would do everything that it takes to have a successful online business, but that I wouldn’t blog. It was an intense fear due to the fact that writing was not natural to me even in childhood and I had never given myself the opportunity to develop that creative talent. After many months of trying to convince myself that online content wasn’t required for my success, I finally gave up. I had let the fear of thinking that my poorly developed creative writing side get in the way of being a business success.

And so, I have given in. I am giving myself the privilege to hone a creative side that is still unknown to me by enrolling in this course. This is my first effort in 25 years to write, and yes, it is money motivated. But I do know how wonderful it will feel when I discover that creative side. I look forward to the positively explosive emotions that will come forth when I discover that there was a talent hidden and that I get to share it with the world….and be profitable too!

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3 thoughts on “COMM0011 – Blog #1 – I’m not a blogger…yet

  1. HI, you are not a blogger yet, but I think you did a fantastic job at reeling the reader in. Once I started reading your story I wanted to keep on reading. I hope your creative journey continues to grow and flourish.

  2. You definitely have a creative side! Your story was very well-written and I appreciate the honesty. I’ll bet there are others that struggle because they have the creative component, but not the business (numbers) sense. By allowing your creative side to come out, you will have the best of both worlds. Good luck!

  3. Hello, once you create ideas in your head for blog posts, your creative juices will start to flow and you will then see how that can be related to social media outlets and other avenues. Numbers are your strength, so you will able to use charts and other numerical visuals to get your point across. To infinity and beyond, all the best on your blogging journey.

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