COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media: Blog # 5 – Has Facebook lost its edge?

Why is it whenever something is not as popular as it used to be, people seem to predict its demise? Lately it seems that social media network ‘Facebook’ is getting this treatment as more users are not uploading or posting personal updates about their lives.

Social media is alive and well through many channels, and Facebook is just one source of networking, but as time goes by, there will be new networks for people to try and that can give Facebook users a break too. In all fairness, it is like trying out a competitor’s product to see if there are other choices to use social media. Everything is cyclical, and Facebook will always be there for users to have as an outlet to post text and viral videos, etc.

Facebook has changed the landscape over how people use social media and post content for others to view. It will always have its ups and downs for users, but its decline does not mean its demise – just a put on hold until another worthy post comes around.

What do you think of Facebook overall? Has it reached its peak of overall use? Or does it still have room for growth for people to use? I’d love to read your opinions.


Facebook Users Are Sharing Fewer Personal Updates and It’s a Big Problem

3 thoughts on “COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media: Blog # 5 – Has Facebook lost its edge?

  1. I think when Facebook started, it was new and exciting. Everyone posted updates and shared their life story. Like you said, new channels came in and people keep looking for the newest thing. However, I don’t think Facebook is going to disappear any time soon. Compared to when it started, I think there are a lot more articles about the abuse and addiction of social media, which could partly explain why people are taking a break from writing every single detail of their lives online. I think users have just calmed down a little bit and are figuring out a balance between their online life and their face-to-face life.

  2. I still like to use Facebook to connect with family and friends that live far away and see the pictures and updates. I actually appreciate the fact that I don’t need to read everyone’s status update about the muffin they ate or how much they lifted at the gym anymore. That being said I hardly post anything anymore other than some pictures.

    I read recently that Facebook is most popular with an older generation, as younger generations switch to the new and exciting channels! I don’t think that Facebook is dead but certainly a shift in use and demographic, which I think Facebook recognizes and why they keep making changes and updates.

  3. I think that there is certainly a change in how we use Facebook and who is using Facebook today. I can see it in the way that the people around me use social media; Facebook is still relevant however more so for people 30+ years old. For example, I have a cousin who is 18 and I will tag her in funny content on Facebook from time to time. I learned that she never sees what I am tagging her in because her generation uses Snapchat and Instagram as their primary social media tools. My grandmother, however, will like and comment on any post that I put on Facebook.

    Facebook is now also filled with more relevant information than ever since we have changed the way we use it. There are recipes, DIY tutorials, politics, trending events, and it can notify you that your friends and family are safe in a time of crisis (i.e. Paris attacks). These are all useful and powerful features to have in a social media tool that may not work as well on other platforms.

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