COM0011 – Blog #1: What’s in a Name?

So here it is… my first blog entry.  I started it a while ago, and now, three days later, I type out my first sentence.  Why, you ask?  Why has it taken me three days to start on a post?  Well, I want a unique name.  I want something attention grabbing, hilarious, but also an amazing play on words that will make you want to read on.

So take a moment, glance up, if you haven’t already.  Disappointed?  So am I.  I went with my actual name.  Half my mom’s idea, the other half taken from my husband; so I truly cannot take any credit.  I suppose it is unique, as it was available.  Doubtful it would be considered attention grabbing, unless you know a Coker and wonder if we are related.  If pronounced incorrectly, I suppose it could be hilarious (at the very least, inappropriate).

I am a huge fan of cleverly named businesses.  I’m not a dog lover, but I once nearly became a dog walker just because I came up with the business name “Pawdestrians”!  I drive slowly by my favourite dog groomer called “Bow Wow and Meowz Too” just to admire their creativity.  I roll my eyes at Pizza Pizza because of their lack of effort.  So I researched and came across a blog name generator.  Perfect!  It asks for a couple of words describing your blog.  Okay, so “school”, “mom” and “funny” seem appropriate and likely to create a unique name, right?  Wrong!  BigMomHub or RankMom isn’t really what I’m going for.  I checked out a few more, all with terrible results.

Plan B of creating a name didn’t go very well either.  I decided to ask my husband what he thought would be a cool nick name for me to use on my blog.  Without hesitation he yells out “No Fun Mom”.  Just because I love laundry days and getting our wills done doesn’t mean I’m no fun.  Wearing clean clothes and planning for the worst is quite a lot of fun, actually.

So here I am, new blogger, louisecoker.  I’m hoping as I find my voice in this new role, I’ll also gain some perspective and come up with more name ideas that will represent my creativity, my humour, and my opinions.

Inspire me by sharing some of your favourite blogger names below.



One thought on “COM0011 – Blog #1: What’s in a Name?

  1. Hi Louise,
    I had to laugh as I was reading your post as I could relate to the amount of thought that can go into the smallest things including coming up with an author name. I suppose we need to do that though, and go through that process, because if we do come up with and awesome punny or witty name, something about our personality is revealed to our readers. And the time spent was well worth it. I’m a great fan of puns and also thought it would be great to have at least a punny username. But no, i couldn’t come up with anything original for myself; all I could do was add my middle initial. I know that when this course is done the perfect username will come to me. 🙂

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