COM0015 Blog #3 Professional Networking




As someone ongoing a career transition, I have spent a great deal of time over the past few months refining my networking approach both in person and online.

IN PERSON: Taking the advice of a career coach I was working with, I prepared a list of professional contacts who might be able to help me in my job search.  I then met with those on my list and asked not only for their advice but also for suggestions for other individuals I should meet with.  Through these referrals/ introductions I have broadened my professional network. I am aware of the importance of in person networking and have attended several networking events in search of new contacts.

ONLINE: My Twitter was heavily oriented towards my former career, over the past few months I have broadened the range of accounts I follow on social media. I have also joined several online communities such as Kids in the Capital and Yummy Mummy to broaden my online network. I have also found several online communities oriented to those looking for new employment opportunities, Peter’s New Jobs, Powertofly, Upwork and CharityVillage are all excellent resources, which not only provide job postings but also assist with professional development through online and in person networking opportunities and webinars.



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