COM0014 – Blog Post #5 – Personal Brand

One of my most consistent traits is my exceptional ambition. As an achiever, I happily fill my schedule to maximum capacity. I am currently working full-time hours in retail; simultaneously, I am taking two courses with Algonquin and one separate course working toward a different certification.

I volunteer on my days off with social media at the University of Ottawa’s Alumni Association, while also working daily on my personal social media accounts. I just reached 3000 followers on my Twitter page I started posting regularly to this past September, which gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Socially, I continue to make connections relevant to public relations, my desired field, both online and in person. I love spreading knowledge, which I find social media incredibly useful for.

I also thrive with intense deadlines, finding the added pressure exciting and motivating. Fast-paced is the way I enjoy my days, and constant adventures, whether professional or recreational, give my life meaning.

Additionally, I have a talent for processing information, and sorting through piles of research rarely intimidates me. I enjoy the process, rather than just the outcome, of learning. Thinking deeply is a necessity for me and often leads to future insight.

For me, tutoring throughout high school and editing papers for friends in university provided a certain thrill, as I was seeing through complexities and finding the best path to understanding or more concise writing. I continue to enjoy intellectual discussion and see reflection as the solution to complicated situations.

Lastly, I am deeply strategic and consider every possible factor to a given situation. I also pay extreme attention to detail, as you never know what tiny bit of information will be crucially important.

All of these characteristics make up who I am and who I will continue to be in the future.

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