Personal Brand

I think my unique selling point is the way in which my professional experiences have shaped how I view the world and my perspective as an urban mother. I have had a front row seat to history and worked with some of Canada’s most well known politicians yet, I am also a wife and mother. I have battled morning sickness while trying to prepare a politician for a media interview. I have had reporters interrupt anniversary dinners with my husband hoping I’d give them a big scoop on an upcoming government announcement. This gives me perspective on life outside the political bubble that many of my former staffer colleagues do not have.. My experience also means that I am not scared of big personalities and am confident advising someone senior to me.


What has made me stand out so far in my field is the amount of preparation I put into interviews. How you say something is in many cases just as, if not more, important than what you are saying. I can work with my client on how to avoid gestures that make them seem nervous. When is it appropriate to interrupt an interviewer or fellow guest? Is a question I can help answer. I spend time researching the format of the interview and the background of the interviewer to ensure my client is properly prepared. I also spend time rehearsing with my client to ensure they are comfortable with the message they want to deliver and have strategies to steer the conversation back to what they wish to talk about.


I know when it is best to offer comment through a written statement and when it is best to do an in person interview. Sometimes you are limited by what you can legally say and a well-worded statement is best but most often, the best approach is to put a human face on the issue. I take every request seriously and work with my clients to ensure they are comfortable communicating in a variety of formats.

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