COMM0011 Blog#3 DIY in the Age of Social Media

Social media has, hands down, revolutionized the way people approach projects ranging from reparation to renovation. Have a leaky sink? Google it and find a YouTube video of a plumber explaining the cause and course of action. Want to upgrade your bathroom vanity? You will find blogs, Pinterest photos and links, videos and an inundation of tips and tricks to just get it right! Where would we be without the plethora of DIY information available to anyone at their very fingertips?

Personally, I have done a few useful things with the backup of social media.

First, change a bike tire.

I am an addicted work-cycle commuter and became severely addicted after my husband decided to gift me what I call my ‘second child’- Devinci (yes that makes 3 children total).

Devinci is near and dear to my heart but I have often wondered what will happen when that dreadful day comes- the day when I am on my way back home, time is tight and I run into a flat. Unfortunately that day did arrive and riding home on a rim is never a good idea! That’s when I decided to take action and learn how to change a tire- not just any tire, a road bike tire. Let me tell you it is not for the weak in fingers- but thanks to YouTube and the power of learning through watching, I successfully changed my tire for less than $10. Not bad, not bad at all.

Second- cooking. I have been blessed to marry into a Moroccan family. Moroccan as in couscous and camel rides Moroccan, yes. Oh how delicious the food of North Africa, savory and sweet and reminiscent of all the cultures that voyaged through the strait of Gibraltar or crossed over in caravans carrying spice and all that is flavourful!

How easy it is to put on weight in Morocco. I like to call each and every visit a carb fest, but a well enjoyed one! The reality is, we don’t live in Morocco anymore and there are moments when a beautiful tagine is well deserved. How on earth can someone create something so delicious without the aromas, spices and earthenware necessary for the greatness of a Moroccan tagine? Again, enter Youtube and blogs. It was not until I found Cooking With Alia, a Moroccan-born home cook living abroad (in the US as well as in Asia) who shows you how to replicate the rich flavours of Moroccan cuisine in your very own kitchen with 100% success rate. I did not realize I was a visual learner until I started cooking with her Youtube channel. I am a book hoarder, and that implies a recipe book hoarder as well and have halted those purchases with my YouTube success with Alia. Not only are the recipes excellent but having feedback on her blog from others allows one to fine tune any recipe to a particular region/taste. So when Ramadan comes along each year, I have an armoury of great recipes to entice the palate and help us imagine for a meal that we are back in a Mediterranean paradise.

Of course, these are only 2 of my social media assisted accomplishments. I could probably write a book on all the minute things I have googled and attempted to DIY. It goes without saying how social media has revolutionized taking DIY to the next level, but does that mean there is no longer a need for the skilled and qualified of our society who are typically called upon to do our repairs or train us in the culinary arts? Probably not, but it would be interesting to see it quantified and studied. What do you think? Is there a future for social media DIY?


4 thoughts on “COMM0011 Blog#3 DIY in the Age of Social Media

  1. It is a true fact that social media has made our lives much easier, though sometimes difficult because we spend too much time on it 🙂 And I am a firm believer that you can do and learn really anything you need or want from it too, and there are many ways and methods to chose from. Social media is such a bless!

  2. Social media has literally opened up the world to anyone who wants to discover it. Nowadays with more people having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, they are more in tune with that is going on around them and the people they follow as well. DIY social media pages help provide the missing gap to anyone who wants to know anything in the world. Of course there many be an overabundance of social media platforms, but that allows the user to focus on what he/ she is looking for 24/ 7. The lines of communications has grown throughout the years ,and through social media consumers and the public can be better informed with completing DIY projects on their own thus saving a lot of money too.

  3. Social media has allowed for so many opportunities for all. Now instead of needing to go to the library to look something up, you can just use your computer or device and have access to thousands and thousands of resources.

    One of my favourite social media activities is recipe hunting and I am very thankful for social media and specifically Pintrest for proving me with awesome recipes. Social media also shares other ideas and resources and always gives you an easy way to do something, which is wonderful for those of us wanting to try something new or as a DIY project.

  4. Congratulations on your social media assisted accomplishments! It’s quite amazing that we have instant access to DIY tutorials to learn new skills. I created a website based on youtube tutorials, which for me, was quite a feat. There are certainly many experts in the field online, but I tend to think if you are wanting to explore a particular project or field in more depth, that there are advantages and increased engagement through one on one or classroom training that could not be found through tutorials. But … often at an increased cost of time and money!

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