COMM11 – Blog Post #3 – Celebrity Heroes and Social Media

Since the beginning of January 2016, the world has witnessed the passing of many great rock stars and other favorite Hollywood celebrities. But now the news about their passing is known by just the press of a button or watching it on television and other mediums. The word gets out so fast and in no time everyone is weighing on discussion about the loss of someone so great.

Musical artists like David Bowie, Glenn Frey from the Eagles and most recently Prince have passed away, but the worldwide reaction using social media tools like Twitter and Facebook have made it faster for people to know what is going in the entertainment industry’s loss. The fans get to react with other fans to voice and express their opinions of the loss. As time goes by, fans learn more and more about what happened to their favorite icon, and they get to purchase past musical merchandise or new ones put out by the artist’s record company. Fan bases and other web blog sites become a place of interest for them to remember and preserve the memories of past shows and other items for a lifetime.

Social media outlets have allowed fans to speak their minds on their idols whether positive or negative. It is with these tools that will keep musical icons in people’s minds for a very long time.

What are your thoughts on how social media portrays the death of musical and Hollywood celebrities? Does social media make them even more immortal?



One thought on “COMM11 – Blog Post #3 – Celebrity Heroes and Social Media

  1. I don’t think that it makes them immortal but I certainly think social media helps their legacy. Not everyone may have heard of a specific person or legend and social media allows the sharing of their music and life, for all generations to access. I think once the hoopla dies down around their death then social media often quiets down, and while their fans still remember them the world does not. Social media helped share their music and legacy to all, but immortal they are not.

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