Who’s the boss???

Over the weekend some of my co-workers, myself included, posted some funny, yet could be perceived, negative posts on their social media.  Mostly Facebook.  As I read through them, liked them, sometimes commented, I started to thing..:yikes, they are friends with our boss..and so am I!  What is he thinking??  He isn’t liking any of them!

Here are some examples of what was posted…

I’ll start with a couple of mine…hilarious and accurate! 😛


Here are a few of my co-worker’s…

I read them and think it’s just funny ecards, memes etc and a way to vent a bit online but it does make me wonder…”is it a smart career move to add your boss to your social media outlets?  And if it is, do you need to censor yourself?

My boss has a great sense of humor and I love that I have another way to connect with him, but I am very conscious now of how he interprets all these seemingly negative posts about work!   His wall is full of adds for our company and links to local fairs and markets!  ha.

What do you guys think?  Boss on social media…yay or big NAY??

3 thoughts on “Who’s the boss???

  1. I think it all depends on your relationship with your boss. But if you were worried about it, you could just set your boss to a list that allows you to control what they can see. What would have made a great ending to this is if your boss got in on the e-cards and meme thread too!

  2. I agree with Angela. I personally would not have my boss on any of my social media accounts just because it’s a privacy thing and it overall gives me a weird vibe. If I knew I was on the same level as my boss, then it would be more okay for me to share myself on social media with them, but when there are things like age differences and maturity differences, I think its just best to keep owners and bosses at an arms reach online.

  3. When we post online, it usually stays online until a site crashes or the material is taken down by request due to an unfortunate personal circumstance. But when it comes to the boss, it is wise not to post such texts or pics, because social media will carry them into the future, and one wouldn’t want these types of memes or pics come back to haunt them. Obviously the person posting the material is ‘the boss’, but use a bit of discretion when considering future consequences on how it could be perceived. People can change their minds as time goes by, so what may be acceptable today may not be tomorrow. Facebook is a great outlet for people to share, just remember who are sharing with.

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