Full Circle

I’m glad to see that a couple of the topics that I decided to write about during this course have come full circle. To me, I think it means that a lot can happen within a fairly short period of time and you can learn a lot in that period.

One of my first posts talked about the bylaw that the city was mulling over about putting a ban on outsider breeders having puppies and kittens in pet store. The city recently came to a decision and bans the for-profit selling of animals. The city has given the 3 Ottawa pet stores that follow this for-profit selling of animals 5 years to adhere to the new policy and transition to the adoption model.  Unfortunately, the article on the CBC news website does not mention any of the amazing rescue organizations that have multiple animals up for adoption, which was my main concern the first time I wrote about this topic. Overall though, I am glad with the outcome the city has provide, even though 5 years is a long transition period to give these 3 pet stores.

Another post which has produced results is my social media post. I’ve been using my Quality Time app since I made that post and I have a much better sense of what my social media habits are. I have a terrible habit of trolling Snapchat and Instagram, and now I have the numbers to prove it. I usually look at my phone for a good chunk of time after I’ve woken up and/or on my days off. I suppose I’m just really bored or I’m that good at procrastinating. I had a particularly bad Saturday, in which I was on my phone for 7 hours. Shameful, I know. But to help my story, I think that was the day that I decided to use Snapchat to motive myself to clean my room. I documented my cleaning process in steps for my close friends to watch. Probably not the best way to motivate myself but it worked at least; I cleaned my room! Now that I have a decent idea of when I’m most on my phone, I’m going to start using the features on the app that help to deter phone/app usage.

Overall, I have really enjoyed looking into different topics that are of interest to me and writing about them. This course has been really great and I’ve loved looking at different business or organizations and their social media habits. I definitely now think about how social media effects myself and how it can effect a business. I hope to take the knowledge from this course and apply it to my life! It has been a true pleasure and I’m looking forward to my next course online.


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