Blog # 6 – Thank you

The last blog for this course, it doesn’t seem possible but it is true. I leave this course with mixed feelings. I  leave with more knowledge than I started with, but I feel I haven’t reached the same level others have. This is my homework for the summer and I will spend time mastering my comfort level blogging.

I remember we were only required to comment on two blogs or discussion postings. I followed those instructions to a “T” and only did the bare minimum. I realize that has been my loss and I have missed out on some great posts, and lots of valuable information. I have spent the last week reviewing blogs from earlier postings and I have come across some really interesting blogs and views.

Tonight I read one about a couple struggling with infertility and that brought me to tears. That  took a lot courage to share your journey and I wanted to thank you for telling your story. A happy ending with the birth of your beautiful twin boys.

Rob, thank you for being a great leader with all your gentle reminders and firm when needed.

To my fellow classmates and bloggers – thank you!

Enjoy your summer and cheer loud for the boys of summer – GO JAYS GO!

One thought on “Blog # 6 – Thank you

  1. Great blog post! It is so true, I had stuck with quickly logging on making my comment and jumping off, but have recently taken the time to make some more posts and read through some wonderful blogs, as you have mentioned. It really is wonderful to read so many different thoughts on important topics and personal stories. This course and assignment has certainly taught me the value of blogs.

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