Using Twitter Analytics to Improve Engagement

I have written before about how I am actively working towards increasing my company’s social media presence, the other day I was looking at the Twitter Analytics section of our profile and trying to make sense of them, so I thought it may be helpful for others if I discuss what information I discovered on how I can use Twitter analytics to improve engagement on our corporate Twitter account.

First of all, what is an impression? Your impressions, also referred to as “reach” are the number of unique individuals who saw your Tweet within their social media stream. This however, does not mean that same number of people read your post. It just appeared in their feed. What is a click? A click means someone saw your post and clicked on a portion of it – either to expand it, check out your social media profile or follow a link you posted.

Using Twitter Analytics, you can discover the following information:

  • Figure out who your audience is- If you go to the Twitter Analytics section of your account you can click on the “Audiences” tab. Here you will see what your followers top interest is. In our case, it is technology. You can find out what percentage of your followers are male or female, which geographic region they live in and more. Using this information, you can tailor your posts to meet the interests of your audience. Make sure to tweet, share and re-tweet authentic, trusted sources of information for your niche market. Regularly tweeting will increase your presence and in turn foster engagement.

twitter (2)

  • Look at the “Demographics” section of the Audiences tab. This will tell you where your audience lives, what languages they speak. By tracking where your audience is located geographically, you can plan to post content during their work day and evenings to connect with them better. In our case, 72% of our audience is located in either Canada or the United States and only 5% is located in the UK. If I want to increase our European followers, I may choose to post during their work day to connect with them, increase our social media presence and hopefully gain more European followers
  • If you click on the “Tweets” tab, you can look at your tweets. You can filter the information between a certain time period, check out your most popular tweet as well as see impressions and engagement rate for each tweet. Study the tweets that earned the most impressions- do they have any of the same characteristics? Do they include pictures, videos or links? Create new tweets using some of the characteristics of your most popular ones. After a day or two, look at the analytics for these tweets to see how they performed. Keep studying your tweets until you pinpoint the characteristics that encourage engagement with your followers.
  • Twitter Analytics has an “events” tab which you can filter by region. Depending on your business, you may be able to use this information to your advantage and tweet about events in your region or events that pertain to your market.
  • Outside of the Analytics section, you can simply track favourites, retweets and replies. If someone favourites your post, they’re letting you know they like it. If they re-tweet it, you know they like it enough to share with their followers. This may help you to gain more followers and certainly increases your reach. Since the key to social media is conversation, if someone replies to one of your posts, it is important to acknowledge and respond, this conversation could lead to a future client or partner and of course get other followers engaged in the discussion about your content.

Twitter Analytics offer good insight into what is getting your audience excited and can help you to develop content that encourages audience engagement and a greater following.


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