COM0014 Blog # 7 Reflections – Storytelling

What's your StoryStorytelling allows us to have an imagination, create with our thoughts, to connect to past thoughts, or create new ideas. Storytelling, is emotional, motivating, passionate, alluring, sometimes it can be life changing! Being in the right place, to hear, read, or watch a story enfold can be your reason you chose your career, improved your health, picked up the phone and called your brother, or decided to walk instead of drive to the store. Storytelling is a very important part of keeping our daily process “human”. We need clothes, but we want to connect to the designer and the ethical ways the clothing was hopefully made. We need to eat nutritious food, and we want to connect to the farmer who raised the chickens and grew the delicious potatoes. We need our shoes, but we want to connect to the fabric of the corporate culture, do they promote ethical standards in their factory’s and treat their employees with respect? How do we learn and discover all of this? Through stories, and connecting to the people sharing these stories, and talking about these stories at the dinner table, then, tomorrow at the work meeting, then after work at the grocery store. Stories are the threads that connect our everyday fabric together that help us learn who we are. Storytelling, connects us to an opportunity, to think.

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