Blog #4: It’s a Farmboy Day, so shop the Farmboy way

As a devoted Farmboy customer I began following the grocery chain’s social media accounts a few months ago. This is an exciting time for the company as they expand their business into South Western Ontario. Perhaps because of this expanded physical presence I have noticed a change in the business’ social media strategy. Rather than just posting about their products, Farmboy is developing consistent brand personality and beginning to engage with their followers.


One of the first things I noticed about their social media presence is the use of branding. By posting photos of their products, Farmboy is reinforcing their brand identity. The business also uses social media to build momentum ahead of new store openings and to promote community events they are involved in. Farmboy also posts recipes as part of their social media feeds. This provides a service to their followers while at the same time casually promoting their products.


Farmboy seems to be reasonably proactive at RTing positive tweets on Twitter but does not seem to tweet back at this positive exposure. This is a missed opportunity to develop their brand personality and show they are listening to their target audience. Farmboy seems to be more likely to engage with Facebook followers but can sometimes take days to respond to negative comments, this is unfortunate and could create problems in the future.


It is apparent that Farmboy is attempting to harness the power of social media to reinforce their brand identity however they should be careful to make sure they are responding to feedback and seizing opportunities to engage with their followers.


2 thoughts on “Blog #4: It’s a Farmboy Day, so shop the Farmboy way

  1. Whenever I think Farmboy, I think quality food. I shop there for my healthy items, although a bit pricey it is definitely worth it. The deli section is great too, a lot of variety (for when im not being healthy). Unfortunately, there is not many where I live down in Ottawa, Ontario.

  2. In the summer of 2015, Farm Boy furthered its expansion with its first location in Kitchener and Whitby. So a lot of growth has happened since the first store opened in Cornwall, Ontario back in 1981. I agree Ottawaem that if Farm boy wants to expand even in more markets across Ontario, then they should monitor their tweets and Facebook messages to see how customers are enjoying products and services there. Like any successful business, listening to customers is the one way to engage the future direction of the company.

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