It’s About the Story: Personal Reflections

Great digital content tells stories that people engage with.  Stories are part of all cultures, they are a universal means of communication that have survived through the ages.  Digital channels offer new ways to write, produce, and tell stories; but whatever your message is,  if the telling is rooted in story it’s much more likely to off opportunities to engage, captivate, entertain, or inspire your audience.


Pixabay: Public Domain


A critical aspect of telling stories is voice.  Throughout the course we have talked about finding your voice, honing in on who you are (personal branding), and where you “fit” in the myriad of content providers on the web.   Part of telling great stories is knowing which ones you feel compelled to tell, determining who you want to tell them too (speaking to a target audience), and perhaps most importantly–  knowing how you want to tell them.  Our unique voices can modulate depending on content and audience, but ultimately they still have to remain true to our authentic selves.  When that authenticity shines through in your storytelling then you can be a great storyteller.

Understanding the differences in how you bridge your writing for different types of messaging is also important.   B2C might call for a more entertaining approach while B2B might call for a more of a though leadership approach.  .  Although the “human” touch that social media brings to the table permeates all communications and has changed businesses and branding forever.   In the B2C world there has never been a more exciting time (and perhaps scary) time to be telling stories.  The reality is if you are not trying to reach your customers with added value and great content that speaks to them on all levels, you’re probably not using social media properly.

I have been a creative content storyteller all my life.  This course affirms me.    The craft of social media storytelling involves a few new rules, but great stories don’t change that much.   What is exciting to me is the new tools that exist and the new ways I can tell them.

I think what’ s interesting is how, once you get the “tools” down,  you just carry on being curious about the world, being fascinated by human endeavors, and being driven to find and tell great stories in a myriad of subjects—often in places where other’s wouldn’t even look!

One thought on “It’s About the Story: Personal Reflections

  1. I agree with you re: finding your voice in this digital world of storytelling. One question that seems to escape a lot of writers = what are you trying to say and why. I think the style and technique are relevant to the overall purpose/goal. I think that can be more clearly seen in the B2C & B2B acumen rather than an online diary/memoir. Glad to have spent time working on social media skills with all of you. 🙂

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