Digital Communication – Personal Reflection


We all know the point of blogging. We can to convey information to our readers, gain insight and hopefully in turn build our businesses. The storytelling aspect is so important because it’s the difference between stereo instructions and personal connection.

Advertising concept with smartphoneEveryone is bombarded with advertising every single moment of every single day. There are thousands of companies out there trying to get the general public to spend their money on their product. It’s at the point that we are almost desensitized to the mindless drone of sales pitches. A commercial comes on and we start channel surfing looking for something else to watch.

So how to you stand out from the endless stream of ads?

Business Advertising. Stand Out. Business concept.

By making a personal connection with your audience. Telling stories that they can connect to. Communicating with them so that they don’t feel like they are a nobody. Assuring them that their voice is heard, that they concerns or praise is validated.

As an author staying in close communication with my readers is vital. They want to know the background to my story. Hints about what inspired certain scenes and conversations that sparked the backstory for a series. Also by sharing the story of how a book is created it helps me stay in touch with what my readers want to read. If there was a secondary character that they really want to get his or her Happily Ever After or which character really infuriated them and they’d like to see thrown to the dogs or dragons or out an air lock deep in space. I being an author.AdobeStock_101546959.jpeg



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