COM0015 Post #4- Out of the Box

To be honest, before I started this certificate program, I didn’t see or understand how social media could be used from a business and branding perspective. Now, I find myself with friends and family asking me how they can get more followers on their social media platform of choice, and I have to explain to them, that it’s not that simple of an answer.

I’ve learned so much in this certificate program, that I’m hoping to utilize for my future endeavours in social media. But, I have to say the most surprisingly useful platform I’ve found in this program is LinkedIn.

Before I signed up for this certificate program, I had never made a LinkedIn account. I personally believed that LinkedIn was one of those platforms that was only for older professionals, and I hadn’t understood the importance or relevance of it. I then only made a profile on it because the first course had requested that we make one, and join the Algonquin College group. Even then, after I had made it, I just kind of forgot about it for a while.

As the program progressed, I started to realize just how useful this platform could be. There’s a lot of very interesting individuals on LinkedIn, and some very awesome connections to be made. It’s so useful as a young person especially, which was shocking to me given my prior beliefs, because there are so many postings and opportunities for future career openings, and current openings as well. Not to mention, tips and tricks from high spectrum professionals too!

I’ve made some fantastic connections with some very valuable people within different industries that have endorsed plenty of my skills I have featured on my profile, and have contacted me for a variety of different reasons.

I now make it one of my priorities to update my LinkedIn profile on a more regular basis, and look forward to continuing to use it’s tools to hopefully help further my future career goals.

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