COM0014 – Blog Post #3 – The hunt is on

I am a home décor junkie. Specifically, mid-century modern décor and furniture. The internet and social media have made the ability to source furniture from this era easier than ever. Before social media, word of mouth, ads, and chance/luck/hope were what you had to rely on when looking for original furniture or décor from that era. My recent search for a teak dining table and a cabinet for my living room was done online (Kijiji) and heavily through social media (Facebook, Instagram).

Antique, vintage and consignment stores and businesses have benefitted immensely from the visual medium of social media. Being able to post photos of current stock, shares photos of their pieces in buyers’ homes, and reach their target consumers directly aids their business greatly.

The target audience varies based on the furniture – from original mid-century pieces and reproductions to lesser-known pieces and designers of that time, but which have the same aesthetic.

Those who sell authentic mid-century furniture (from designers such as Herman Miller, Charles & Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobsen, George Nelson) are targeting those with a much higher income. While those selling reproductions and “non-name” pieces target a mid to high income.

In general the target audiences for any seller of mid-century modern furniture are urban dwellers (generally bigger cities, and condo/loft owners) middle to upper class, 25-55 age range, and those with a clean, modern and classic aesthetic. The target audience is both male and female (although I would say a slightly higher emphasis on women due to the demographics of the home décor industry). Their target audience is also knowledgeable – they know the history of the pieces, and they also know the value and price points of the pieces. There is not as much need to explain the quality and a name drop of one of the designers listed above (Eames, Saarinen, Jacobsen, etc. – no first name needed) as a design influence or to explain the style needs little explanation also. Their target audience knows these names and the pieces they are referring to.

Something that many of these sellers will want to do (and many currently do) is to also target an audience of influencers in addition to their target audience of consumers. This is of benefit to the seller as many of their target consumers will be following their target influencers. Influencers are interior designers/decorators, bloggers (home, fashion, lifestyle), and publications (Domino, My Domaine, Dwell, Elle Decor). Having their product or business mentioned or linked to on the social media or website of their targeted influencers is a marketing coup and results directly in higher online visitors, followers and sales, while also raising the brand awareness of their business and building their reputation with consumers (which is important when selling quality furniture, word of mouth/recommendations on social are very valued).

My hunt continues for my next furniture or décor acquisition and my home and I are very thankful for the use social media and the web for making the hunt easier!

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