COM011 Post 3: The Wage Gap

So the news has come out that the US Women’s Soccer Team is filing a discrimination suit for equal pay. All I hear from men in the industry (I’m looking at you, Landon Donovan) and men in day to day life is the following:

– They should quit whining, they make enough.
– They should be negotiating for better deals like we did!
– They don’t make enough revenue to get paid the same, no one watches Women’s Soccer!
– They should expect less, they knew what they were getting into with Women’s Soccer.

There’s more but that seems to be the baseline. Let me break this down simply; it’s not just about Soccer, it’s every industry. This represents women in every field of work. This is just a prime example of what has been happening since women entered the workforce. The US Women’s Soccer team is set to make $8 million more than the men’s team this year. Winning the World Cup brought in $20 million more in revenue than the men. Yet the star players get paid hundreds of thousands less than their male counterparts; Example:

Landon Donovan made $4.25 million last year.

Abby Wambach made $200,000.

That is a huge difference. Personally, I’m of the opinion no athlete should make over $250,000 and no one needs that sort of money, but that’s an entirely different issue. Women aren’t just whining. We aren’t making this up. Women are making significantly less than men in a variety of fields.

How are we supposed to negotiate for better when we are already at a disadvantage based on our gender? We hear excuses like “well women take time out of their careers to have families etc.”. So we should be penalized for being pregnant? For having a family? Why don’t men get penalized for it? Why aren’t they held back in their careers?

Why do only women face the choice of career or family?

Women are just as intelligent, strong and qualified as any man in any field with the same experience and qualifications. No woman should be paid less based on her gender, and we as a society need to stop putting women down and saying it doesn’t happen. We need equality in every sense.

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