COM0014: Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was the good, the bad, the less-than-stellar, the fugly…and every shade of colour under the sun.

taller de ilustracion digital - 381

Words are forever on the lips and hearts of the future…

My story *is* my brand. My words illustrating the made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life that is being a chronic disease patient in the throes of the managing my own little part in the Cosmos. Readers come for the coffee, stay for the story. The challenge has been to stifle the “societal norms of blogging” that tell me to write clean and proper. I’ve undertaken to write my journey, my stories, as real, raw and authentic as they are, because that is a true to form reflection of what life is all about.

Transparency has been key, and, to be honest, is really, *really*, nerve-wracking. I’ve written about my journey through mental health issues, some very significant. I’ve written about a recent physical assault in order to provide a voice to those who may not find their own. I’ve ALSO written about one of my twin boys having pooped in a floor vent when he was four years old, about my healing through art projects and about my passion for playing video games and how I totally suck, but enjoy the escapism nonetheless. It has been this very transparency upon which I’ve built and solidified my brand. Lupus Interrupted IS “Me.” on every level. It’s how I am viewed not only as a blog, but as a person. I have never split up my personalities in order to conform to one view of norms over another dependent on location. I believe this is the fodder for becoming legendary.

The deep, wide angled view of my world.

This is what resonates with people. How one crafts their story within the context of their journey. This particular course has been a validation that what I endeavour to craft is, in fact, on the right track in making those connections with people and of inter-personal engagement. My use of my own personally crafted catch-isms (like #gladitude) and phrases are validated when I see my friends post them on their own walls and tweets.

Stories live forever. Digital communication is merely one medium of recording what it is that we’re trying to say. I want to say it all by living the way I write, and writing the way I live.

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