Why success and failure matters


My greatest achievements in my work have been accomplished when I am an impresario for creative projects, where others are inspired to produce excellence.  I love the challenge of pulling together all the parts of a story line, a creative team, and a production team to make something happen that moves people either with compelling facts or emotion—or in the best of all worlds both.  My strength in this exercise is not so much doing creation from ground zero, although I have been doing more of that lately, but rather knowing who and what elements are necessary to ensure that stories are well told.

When I was young I loved the arts and due to a father who also loved the arts I grew up being in awe of great performance.   In our house on a Saturday morning as a child you could hear African music streaming into the air and we were packed up to go to the opera or theatre in Montreal.  His influences are clear in all my work.

I have run a production company and now I am working to launch a new on-line content service I look forward to bringing the skills I have to bear on these new enterprises.

smiley-798856_1280Disappointments for me need to be framed as learning experiences.  Disappointments are where you get the chance to live with your humanity and grow.  They are part of trying new things.    When you try new things sometimes they don’t work out the way you hoped.

I do believe that if we are willing to go through the open door created by a loss, it can make us smarter and wiser with a clearer view of the road ahead. (Source)

 I have had many disappointments in my career,  I’m not sure I can name one gigantic disappointment.   I have had a series of events where disappointments happen.  Lost opportunities in business due to misreading a situation, or where the “fit” just wasn’t there.     Usually disappointments are because of hopes or expectations that don’t quite happen the way I’ve envisioned them.    Disappointment is the discomfort of a misfit, and those happen all the time.   So I say sit with disappointments for a while and don’t just move on.  You will be wiser in career and life if you do this.



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