COM0015: Blog post #4 – Out of the box

The fast paced world of the Web2.0 and all of its dynamic changes as it continues to evolve will certainly keep social media managers and businesses hopping through bytes and hoops. Having already learned so much about various applications and websites geared to assisting in that electronic, social journey, there have been a couple of surprising additions to my ever-evolving social media repertoire.


Old-school habits welcome new applications…

One of the very first things I had struggle with, especially with the addition of new opportunities to try suggested media and applications, was having to remember an entire stockpile of passwords. So much so, I’d had to post in the course discussion board for suggestions. Having a made-for-tv-movie kind of life, remembering to make dinner trumps eleventy-billion passwords on any given Sunday.

After hitting up my BFF, Google, I found my saving grace: LastPass. While there are other various “master password” vaults, this one works really well for me. The premise is that it is an application that remembers all of the passwords stored on your device and saves them all to one location, a “vault”, if you will, which can be accessed via one main password. Like any new, fandangled looking application, it took me a couple of days to adjust to how the process worked, but I can attest that it is a huge relief in an already over-processed brain *not* to have to add handfuls of new passwords to my own cellular vault.


One-stop-shop for content management

A second welcome addition to my social media repertoire has been the use of Evernote. Oh, I’d heard of it before, downloaded it…and let it sit to collect electronic cobwebs over the past few years. I have friends who swear by it, live by it, don’t-leave-home without it. I’d never really felt I had use for the application. I had Pinterest, and I clip/bookmark a ton of stuff of various topics in that one-stop-shop. BUT, what I hadn’t considered was this:

Now that my goals for Lupus Interrupted have been redefined, new opportunities having arisen for content…my brain is on overdrive with ideas…that come when I’m out shopping, the middle of the night, and generally any time I’m *not* sitting on the couch, laptop in hand. I’ve noticed ideas for content at my doctor’s office which I can look up, and clip for later. I’ve noticed links shared via Facebook that I can quickly add an idea to a note. After an adjustment period, I feel I’ve gotten the hang of it enough that it’s becoming habitual to clip and write content ideas. Now, for the harder part…making and crafting executing the posting of those amazing ideas. 😉

It becomes clearer to see how much the social web can overlap and intertwine. What kinds of unexpected applications have YOU found in your online marketing or social media journey?

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