Blog #5 – Time for another one

Well it has been another busy week, major assignment due, and  another blog too! Yup, kind of late on the blog.

Let’s just ease in to this one, and talk about the weather.

I live in an area that was hit hard this past week, but I only lost my power for an hour. I have a friend whose parents lost their power Thursday at 10:00 pm, and it finally came back on Sunday around 4:00 pm. We love our parents, but when they have to come live with you after twenty odd years of being away from them, it is a challenge.

I have another friend who posted on Facebook that her power finally came on yesterday at 5:00 pm. Communities to the north of me are still without power, their estimated time for having their power restored is April 1, 2016. That is crazy!

This is how I measured the power restoration in my area. Yesterday on my way to work, I counted twenty large Hydro One trucks and four pick up trucks heading in the direction of where I just left. Today, I only counted six large Hydro One trucks, and about four independent trucks towing a wood chipper – things are definitely improving!

Not to make light of the hardships that people have gone through in this past week, but we sure have experienced a roller coaster ride in the weather department lately. You just don’t know what you will get from one day to the next. To top it off, the weather announcers are getting it right more times than not!

Mother Nature and Social Media have similarities both are powerful and both need to be respected.



2 thoughts on “Blog #5 – Time for another one

  1. When all fails, talk about the weather 😉
    The weather here in Edmonton has actually been decent compared to the NCR, and I cannot complain too much about it.
    Comparing social media to the weather isn’t that far off; you are pretty much making educated guesses with history of patterns. But no one can really predict how bad a storm can be, or how something can become viral!

  2. Enjoyed the comparison, the good news is that the weather will only get better for a few months until winter comes knocking again! lol Hope all this talk about the weather and power outages makes you appreciate the good weather. lol

    Thanks for sharing

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