Review On: Influenster & Subscription Boxes


Lately, I seem to be spending a lot more of my time branching out of my regular beauty routine. I’m no stranger to makeup; I used to be in competitive dancing where I had to have a full face of makeup on for my routines. Because of my early introduction to makeup, I feel pretty comfortable using makeup, and take pride in my acquired skills. Yet, as of late, I’m breaking out of my regular routine.  I’ve been trying new products, experimenting with different brands, and figuring out what actually works for me.

On this makeup journey, I recently joined Influenster to help me out. Influenster is an online community, where people can “stay on top of the latest product news and expert tips; review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community; test products for free based on social media influence.” I decided to join so I could share my thoughts on the various products that I’m trying, and hopefully review new products. I love a good deal and since I’m on this journey, if I can try new products for free, sign me up! To date, I have yet to receive any free packages but I have been asked to complete a few surveys to see if I’d be a match to try out some products, so I still have some faith I’ll get to try something soon. I’ve had fun writing reviews because it actually allows me to reflect on how the product worked for me, or didn’t work, and look at them in new ways that I didn’t really think mattered.

Influenster isn’t just for beauty reviews; you can review electronics, pet supplies, food, home appliances, books, movies, decor, etc. They have a vast database that you can look


Influenster’s collection of categories and sub categories.

through to find out peoples thoughts on basically anything. I’ve only started reviewing beauty products, but I think I will definitely start to expand the categories I review. Influenster also allows you to connect all your social media accounts together to gather a high ‘impact score,’ which is basically how many followers you have and how far your online voice will be heard. Having a higher impact score also means you have a higher chance of getting free products to review. Lots of people try hard to gain followers and likes online because it means something to them; whether its admiration, approval, personal gain, or something else entirely. At least on Influenster, your follower count can actually get you something tangible. You certainly get a return of investment (ROI) in this case. Vying for followers pays off when they get you free products.

There are lots of other paths for people to try products out at a discounted price. If you don’t want to rely on the possibility of getting free items, you can sign up for subscription boxes. This is a new trend that I’ve seen lots of bloggers doing. You pay a monthly fee to receive a box full of sample sized products to try at the fraction of the cost. It allows you to try a large variety of products without having to buy them outright. These boxes aren’t just beauty oriented either, you can get pet boxes, fitness boxes, fashion boxes, coffee/tea boxes, book boxes; whatever you are interested in you can subscribe for a box. Here’s a list of some boxes:

Barkbox  \\ Petpack \\ Lit-cube \\ Teabox  \\  Happy Mail \\ Ipsy Bag \\ Cratejoy

Cratejoy is actually a subscription box hub for any type of subscription you want. Pick a category you are interested it and it’ll give you options for subscriptions in that category. I


What Cratejoy is all about and what it does for you. 

once bought a pet box subscription (I used Petpack because I had a Groupon coupon for it) for a friend as a birthday gift. I found that there was a tad bit more effort on my part than I was first expecting, considering it was only for the one month. I bought it anyway, and her dog loved all the products inside. It came with two toys, natural treats, portable water bowl, and a neck bandana. Overall, I think these subscriptions are a great idea if you want to try new products out, and I would opt to try more than one month for a subscription box because you do have to set up an account. The products you receive in these boxes can be reviewed online, like on Influenster, which goes toward helping other people who are looking into buying that product. The more you review and the more followers you have, the more likely you’ll get to continue trying new products, hopefully for free!

Have you every tried a subscription box or thinking of trying on? Has anyone heard of Influenster? Is this a good way to get our social media platforms to work together or do you feel like it’s more of a waste of time? Let me know below!



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