COM0015 Blog Post #3: Professional Networking Now and in the Future

When it comes to professional networking, I’ll admit that it probably isn’t my strong suit.

Right now, social networking is a tricky method to master in my industry. You want to network with clients, and build up a clientele of potential regular clients that will hire you for modeling gigs consistently. However, you also need establish this relationship with a client not only with yourself, but also your agency. Booking gigs on your own when you have an agency is a massive no-no, and a huge violation of your contract.

So, basically, not only do I have to build a relationship with clients, I have to hope that they’ll like the contact they have at one of my multiple agencies as well. Oh boy!

As of right now, I network with different clients by adding these connections on my different social media platforms. That way, they can see what I’m up to, where I am currently located, and can have an easy point of access with me. However, I do direct any direct work requests I encounter by forwarding them to my agency. I find that doesn’t always work out, so I need to think critically about how I can improve on getting those opportunities to come through.

For the future, I’d like to continue updating my social networks more consistently with updated content so that I can keep the interest of my current points of contacts, and hopefully attract the interest of those I haven’t been able to work with yet.

I’d also like to attend a large social networking event specifically for models from my home agency, and puts them in contact with multiple agencies and clients from across the globe. Ideally, I’d be able to network with some new people and clients, and hopefully progress my career further online and in-person.

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