How to Create Effective Social Media Content

Create original and interesting content they say. It will help increase your social media success! How does one do that? And who are “they”? Unfortunately there isn’t a set-in-stone, magical, sure fire way of making amazing content all the time. But perhaps I can give you a few tips.

Set your goal: Did you want to increase your traffic? Increased your fan base? Generate interactions? Increase sales? To determine what you need to do, you need to figure out where you are going and WHY you are creating this content. This will also help you tweak your posts as you go.


Know your followers/customers: What do they want? What do they like or react to? If you are unsure you can always read the comments that they normally post on your posts. If you do not have comments on your posts, you can always go read them on successful posts of a company / blog in the same genre as yours.  Follow current events and trends as well.

Share what interests your target audience: Target readers, not buyers. Ask yourself what you can offer them versus what will you get from them.  Entice emotions; Canadians are most likely to share posts that they find interesting, funny, or those that they find are important.

Make it easy to share: Things that have share buttons functions are more likely to be shared; do not create the work for your follower. Make it easy to read and scan; infographics are some of the best shareable content.

Some crowd favourites:  Make sure to remain in the parameters of your expertise when creating content and when at a loss for ideas, some of these gems have proven to be successful: Giveaways (contests), List of the top <subject>, reviews, “something” of the year/month/week (Think Sexiest man of the Year for Peoples), and showcasing your company by showing the human side, such as team members and behind the scenes pictures.



There is no magic 8-ball way of predicting how people will react on social media. It is a game of trial and error. Take note of what has proven to work, and what has does not. This should help you increase the quality of the content you share.

What tips do you have to help create social media content?


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