COM0015-  Post #4- Out of the Box: Personalizing the Social

Social media have become more focused on common interest and proximity.  Surprisingly, social media is yet to be business oriented. Off all the apps and social media platforms I explore, Wanelo, is the only digital app that you can use to market products. Wanelo, that was launched in 2012, is “a digital mall where people can discover and buy products”.

It was expected to have replicas of several social media. That is to say that social media introduced Instagram, followed by Snapchat, and Shots. These applications seem to fulfill the same needs for taking selfies and sharing videos and photos. Likewsie, WeChat and What’s App look similar. I think the trend right now is to find people in your area or people with similar interest. That is to say that social media is not merely social but also address personal interests. For example, Secret and Whisper applications fulfill people needs to share secrets anonymously. Both of them allow users to share their feelings and thoughts, secrets are taken from your social media friends or friends who have your contacts.

yikyak-appTinder is slightly different as it allows you to chat with people you have in your Facebook account if you agree that she/he ‘potential match’.  Yik Yak seems to help bring people who live nearby together. This is why it is quite famous among students and campuses. Hyper falls in the same area, but it is a photo sharing application, that “help likeminded people in the same area discover new things

Social media have become more personal, and marketers have to start thinking about penetrating those kinds of social media. Social media apps are not only Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Marketers have to reach out people who use several applications other than the ones I have just metioned. There should be new direction where you follow media on their own social media, and not necesarliy on the common social media. That is not to say that your website should have icons for 10 social media apps. Marketers should look at the personal interests of those who are using social media. This way you can reach people who do not do Twitter and Instagram, because they do Shots and Tinder.





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