Don’t Bury the Lead


Don’t bury the lead! A lesson drilled into anyone studying journalism. Put your most important piece of information at the top to get the reader’s attention. This advice is all the more applicable when writing for social media.

Have you ever listened to a small child tell a story? It’s not hard to lose the plot as imagination takes over and the tiny storyteller’s excitement builds. If we are not careful, it is easy for our blogging presence to turn into that excited child, lots of great ideas but lacking a clear concise engaging story line.

How to prevent this?

  1. Know your audience– Do they have time to sit down and read lengthy blog posts or are short but more frequent posts a better option? Knowing your audience does come with a caveat, over using acronyms and jargon can turn off new readers who may not be as familiar with your topic.
  2. Use the draft folder-Just because you have written a post doesn’t mean it needs to be published that very moment. Sometimes it is best to let a post sit in the draft folder for a couple of hours or even days and come back to read it with a fresh set of eyes for spelling and grammatical errors.
  3. Follow the Leaders– Think of your favourite bloggers, what makes you take the time to read their posts? Are there lessons you can take back to your own blog? It is important to write in your own voice but reading good content can rub off on you.

What are some of your tips to ensure a clear, concise and engaging social media presence?

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