Comm14 Blog#4 – Let’s Talk About Fonts Baby!

Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things.  Let’s talk about Fonts!  If you were a teenager in the 90’s I’ve probably got the original lyrics stuck in your head now.  You’re welcome! 🙂  Now seriously let’s talk about fonts, the good, the bad and the ugly.

As a graphic designer, I source out fonts all the time, never wanting to always have the same fonts available to me.  At one point in my job I could often name the font just by looking at it if we were trying to match it for a client.    I know I have probably close to 500 fonts on my computer with a new project comes new fonts.  It’s almost like an addiction.  I wonder if they have a support group for that?

The good – Because a lot of my work is related to children in some way, wall art, milestone charts, children’s boutiques etc.  I tend to be drawn to whimsical and hand written fonts, although I don’t discriminate between serif and non-serif fonts.  It’s the quality of the letters that matters.

The bad – Let’s talk grunge fonts.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good grunge font as much as the next guy but let’s face it there is a time and place for a grunge font.  It’s not like it can be used for the general public.  And why is it 90% of the time illegible?  If you can’t read it how are we suppose to use it.

The ugly – Honestly I don’t even know how to come out and say this because we are ALL guilty of this one.  Myself included, this was obviously before I knew better.  I know you are guilty of this too, it’s ok to admit it we’re all friends here.  What font am I referring to you ask?  I can’t believe I’m admitting to this in public no less.  COMIC SANS there I said it.  Let me count the ways I hate this font…well actually I won’t since we could be here for a long time.  But here’s the number #1 reason it is FUGLY!!! I don’t know why people insist on using this font on EVERYTHING it’s not creative, it’s not fun, it’s what our (designers) nightmares are made of.  Yet to anyone who is not a designer this is the most amazing font in the world.  When you come to a designer and tell them you want to use Comic Sans and hear a banging noise that’s our heads smashing against our keyboards.  At one point before social media existed there was a site that was a petition to remove Comic Sans for existence it’s that serious people!  So the next time you hit the font drop down menu scroll, scroll fast past the Comic Sans font.  Do all us designers a solid and save us from some broken keyboards and mild concussions and don’t ask for it.  I beg of you!

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