COM0011 – Blog #5 Don’t let social media do your job!!

Displaying IMG_2405.PNGAs I prepare to leave for my vacation tomorrow morning, I wonder what kind of service, issues or delays I may encounter with the ever so reliable air travel industry!!  Two years ago when I was coming home from a family trip to Florida, we received the most atrocious customer service from an airline that I had ever experienced!  I vowed never to fly United again!!!  I have kept that promise!  This time we are travelling WestJet and so far I am impressed!  From the booking online to the customer service I received when I called to ask a few question about the hotel, they have already exceeded my expectations.  I may have paid a bit more for my ticket, but for me, great customer service is priceless!

Ten years ago I would have said nothing about the way we were treated by United, but in this day and age, I of course, Tweeted about it!  Here is a brief synopsis of what transpired….

It was a Friday morning and we went to the counter to check in to start our trek back to Ottawa.  Me, my husband, my sister, her husband and her 2 cute, but very impatient kids.  Our flight is cancelled due to weather.  Not United’s fault.  Here is where is all went downhill for us.

United Lady:  “We can fly you out Tuesday only.” (keep in mind this is Friday)

Me:  “Ummm we can’t stay an extra 4 days!  Our condo is rented to someone else!  We have nowhere to stay!  We have jobs to be at on Monday morning and kids that have school!”

United Lady: “Sorry” (not sorry)…walks away from us.

Me and my sister:  Look at each other in disbelief…”Is that it? Are we done being helped?”

That was it.  No empathy.  No attempt to help us find a flight home.  Nothing.

We head back to the condo where my parents were staying for one more day before they were leaving.  Hop on our computers (first to tweet) then to look for flights.  Here is my Tweet.
























Within seconds I received a Tweet back asking how they could help.  Already more than I received in my face to face interaction with an actual human at the counter.  I called the 1-800 they gave me and spoke to an awesome agent who I complimented in my subsequent Tweet. She got us a flight out the next morning back to Ottawa.  I am happy that we got home safe and sound, but I can’t help but be frustrated with the fact that I received better service because I complained on social media than I did when I was in front of an employee!  How does this happen?? How can businesses let this happen??  This is such a risk to organizations in this day and age.  As a customer I was so frustrated that I could not receive the same service in a face to face interaction.  I’m not sure employees understand that they are the face of their organization.  Every customer, every complaint is an opportunity.  They need to be brand ambassadors now more than ever and take that moment to wow their customers before they take to social media for the world to see!

Anyone else had an experience like this?? Where social media helped you get better customer service than the human you spoke to first??



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